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Article: 11 Plants, Planters, And Greenery For the Plant Lover in Your Life

11 Plants, Planters, And Greenery For the Plant Lover in Your Life

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves artificial plants, gardening, or home décor – Artiplanto has got you covered.

Shop dozens of lovely faux plants, planters, and accessories perfect for someone who enjoy surrounding themselves with highly stylish décor, trendy home accessories, and eco-friendly greens.


Baskets made from natural materials are growing in popularity. Although they will degrade outdoors, indoor basket planters are durable and can be styled in an array of ways.

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees can be as short as three feet high or extend upwards to 10 feet and above. Faux trees are a go-to for many commercial settings and environments that are blessed to be large enough to justify such a large expression.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a beautiful gift for someone without a lot of space. For people living in an apartment, condo dwellers, or someone renting a single room, a hanging plant takes the obsession with plants airborne. Sturdy, stylish, and affordable.

Faux Monstera Plant

A Monstera is a popular houseplant. It’s the perfect plant to give someone who hasn’t been successful at caring for real plants in the past. It’s realistic-looking and you can’t go wrong choosing a Monstera with its very unique leaf shape.

Artificial Wreaths

A common use for formal occasions such as weddings or celebrations like family reunions, an artificial wreath brings together popular flower combinations and in a ready-to-hang design. Bringing more greenery into a space is sometimes as easy as hanging a wreath on a hook.

Bamboo Planters

Bamboo planters are a fine choice for artificial houseplants. An eco-friendly wood planter, bamboo’s able to be painted and styled in a variety of ways. A bamboo is adaptable to all variations of greenery and looks especially attractive in modern-minimalist areas.

Potted Cactus Plant

A potted artificial cactus is cute and on-trend. Succulents are easier than other plants to craft artificial versions from. The cactus is true-to-the-touch and a thoughtful gift for your giftee.

Tabletop Planters

Cement, brass, ceramic, bamboo, and other materials are used to manufacture spring-ready tabletop planters. More decorative than some plants, planters can be rotated in and out according to the season or the vibe in the room.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary

Boxwood topiaries are a must-have for high-class properties but they are difficult to grow and maintain. An artificial boxwood topiary navigates around plant care and provides style sans commitment.

Artificial Palm Trees

There are dozens of varieties of fake palm trees, all tropical and resembling like they’ve been plucked from a seaside jungle. Bring a little bit of summer indoors with you and set your own summertime atmosphere.

Artificial Flower Arrangement

If you want to have a more instant presentation, try fake flower bouquets arranged in a vase. Colorful and adaptable to various décor aesthetics, move these outdoors onto a porch or maintain it indoors as a houseplant.

For a plant lover, these are just a few of the accessories and options we offer at Artiplanto. The beauty of artificial plants is that they make any owner the ‘ultimate plant parent’. A practical choice for a gift, visit Artiplanto today to pick up yours.

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