The use of artificial plants, silk trees, and fake greenery in Canada has continued to rise in popularity, just like it has in the United States, thanks in large part to millennials, the increased importance of home décor, and style experts.

Though fake plants were once plastic, ugly, and hardly real, the ones you find today from premium-level design companies like ArtiPlanto cost a lot for a reason. They’re made from long-lasting material, handcrafted, and are down-to-the-detail almost real.

Artificial plants in Canada are used in homes, offices, retail, healthcare offices, tourism spots, entertainment destinations, and more. They’re popular for a lot of reasons, including most importantly that they don’t require any ongoing care and maintenance.

As beautiful as real plants are, they do take a lot of energy to keep up. Inevitably, they also wilt, fade, and die. It’s unavoidable. This doesn’t make real plants the most cost-effective purchase. Faux plants reign supreme in this regard!

A Boom in Green, Eco-Friendly Products

In Canada, there is a big movement towards green, eco-friendly living. This movement’s hit decorating hard.

Though there’s space for real plants certainly, in modern and sophisticated home design, fake plants also have their place.

Arguably, silk fake plants are a healthier alternative than the real thing. Real plants can carry in bugs, viruses, and diseases, something which an environment such as a hospital or retail environment cannot risk. This is why faux plants are better here.

They are also reusable which means instead of taking more and more energy to exist, a faux plant’s always got its best look on.

You Save Money on Artificial Plants in Canada

Another reason why faux plants are popular has to do with their ability to save money for homeowners.

There’s no maintenance that goes into an artificial plant and you aren’t having to buy new replacements with every new growing season.

You can buy a fake plant and rest easy knowing that it’s going to look the way that it does in perpetuity. This gives you, the homeowner, freedom to decorate and essentially plant a garden without the risk of disappointment.

If you’re a busy person that isn’t home all the time, they also allow you to come and go as you please.

Comparatively, if someone has a home garden or indoor houseplants, they need to ensure everything’s watered and monitored. This is the only way to keep real plants looking vibrant. Artificial plants don’t face that struggle.

Have Design and Décor of Any Variety

In home décor, fake plants allow you to have the décor theme of your choosing.

You may not be able to grow very many tropical plants in Canada but you can have tropical plants that are fake.

Outdoor artificial tropical trees and fake plants are some of the most in-demand in the country.

This opens the doors to so many different things, regardless of whether the real thing can be replicated. If you want a plant or tree that is indigenous to more southern or drier climates, in Canada, you can have your wish with an artificial plant.

For real-to-the-touch, premium fake plants in Canada, visit ArtiPlanto. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, we deliver coast to coast. From desert plants to forests, tropicals, and more, order your favourites today.
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