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Article: How Often to Move Around Fake Plants in Your Home From Season to Season

How Often to Move Around Fake Plants in Your Home From Season to Season

How Often to Move Around Fake Plants in Your Home From Season to Season

Artificial plants are purchased every day by homeowners, interior designers, and decorators seeking easy-to-care-for greenery.

While faux plants do not require any care and maintenance to look their best, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be completely hands-off in continually crafting your décor.

With every season, some plants die and new plants are reborn by seed. Fortunately, your fake plant’s never going to wilt but it doesn’t hurt to get into the habit of switching out your artificial greenery season-to-season.

It might sound silly but doing this will add variety, color, and get you excited about your home décor.

How it Works

Indoors or outdoors, consider what you’d move in or out and change seasonally. Four major transitions exist. Winter to spring. Spring to summer. Summer to autumn. Autumn to winter.

Like a real garden, every season has its own colors and aesthetic to adhere to. Think about appropriate colors for the season.

You wouldn’t take a faux plant that resembles autumn out during summer, for example.

Some decorators and interior designers enjoy sketching out artificial plant arrangements per season, complete with details such as planters, positioning, and additional details such as rock, moss, and accessories.

This is all to help you as a guide into what you intend to do through the seasons to keep things looking fresh.

Move Around, Remove if Needed

Alternatively, if you have a very limited selection of artificial plants, don’t treat it like a plant removal.

Instead, simply move things around. Update your look. Re-position certain things and see how they mix.

Especially when using fake plants are in the mix, some can have uneven color due to sun exposure. By moving them around, you avoid this while also making your plant collection reflect the season.

In a sense, like fake plants mimic real plants, you are mimicking a real garden by doing this.

If you’ve created a faux garden under the guise of wanting to present it as real, and you don’t want to let the neighbours know or don’t want any guests guessing so, this type of seasonal positioning becomes a must.

How to Reposition A Fake Plant

When you buy an artificial plant and put it in a basket, pot, or planter, you then have a lot of freedom to put it wherever you desire.

Start by physically putting the plants where you see them, preferably using a visual guide.

As a bonus, unlike a real plant, you don’t have to worry about protecting the roots, watering, fertilizer, or the direct impact one plant may have on the plants that surround it. Therefore, positioning becomes all about what it looks like.

Because none of it’s living, fake greenery can be manipulated into whatever look you see fit without consequence.

Add onto that décor choices like layers of single-color or multi-color rocks, moss, changing the planter, and other pieces of the puzzle, and suddenly the look season-to-season can vary tremendously.

Start on a fresh look today with ArtiPlanto. Shop dozens of premium and handcrafted fake greenery, plants, flowers, trees, and more.

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