As we bring in plants into the home, we add natural colors, new textures and patterns, and excitement.

Landscapes aren’t reserved strictly for large-area paintings. They’re everywhere. The rise and falling of shapes, cascading imagery, and presence. Believe it or not, the right artificial plant delivers all that and more when used correctly.

When you buy a fake plant, that’s the first step. The next is finding some place to put it.

As you go room-by-room, there are all sorts of natural ways to use a faux plant and really emphasize its natural charm.


The bathroom is the wettest room in the house, with a whole different climate to contend with altogether.

An artificial plant works above a toilet, should you have shelves there. By the sink, affixed from ceiling hooks, or even on the back of the door in the style of a wall garden are all creative opportunities to explore around this room.

Living Room

A living room has no standard in design. Some base theirs around a screen while others do arrangements based around conversation.

A living room is a great place to have a fake hanging plant, an artificial tree in the corner, or various artificial plants spread throughout the room. You’re very much relying on your own preferences to determine where and if faux plants belong somewhere.


A small plant on a bedside table. A small artificial tree in the corner of the room. Plants set on a windowsill.

Those are all configurations that work in a bedroom. If you have a large window, installing fake plants along the window will create shadows that transfer elsewhere throughout the room. Hanging plants or creating a small garden in the corner, preferably at varying heights works exceptionally well.


The kitchen’s not a place for fake plants per se. This isn’t to say artificial plants won’t fit in somewhere.

Look to uncharacteristic plant-friendly places, such as on top of the fridge or at the far edge of the countertop. Along the countertop is a great place to put a row of small tabletop artificial plants.

Dining Room

Any dining room’s centerpiece is the table. Why a real plant may not be welcome at a dining room table is because it attracts pests. An artificial plant does not. A great way to build an extraordinary landscape here is to use a multi-tier shelf at the center.

An alternative is to use fake plants on a shelf next to the table or a skinny table pressed against the wall.

Hallways, Stairways, Etc.

You may have other spaces in the house that naturally work well with home décor such as fake plants.

A tall stairwell may benefit from hanging plants following you down like a jungle. A hallway that twists and turns could benefit from an artificial tree at its most extreme point. An entranceway benefits from a fake plant which helps to transition a person away from the outdoors to your indoors.

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andrew lu