Some home decorations are timeless, while others become classics. The house plant trend is really simple, but you need a vision to arrange fake greenery just like art. 

Not everyone has a green thumb, however faux plants are not too much of a deal when you know what you are doing. Keeping things simple is a key. Artificial plants are not what they used to be, and are evolving with time and look very realistic in appearance. This is why they are a great choice to add colour instantly with less care and maintenance like real plants.

Here’s an artificial plant guide to help you make the faux plants look great and add that wow factor to your decor. 

Choose natural colours 

If colour is what you decor craves — artificial plants are a quick and easy fix. As these are several options out there while choosing that artificial plant. Green is neutral and looks great in any colour scheme. 

Though it may be tempting to pick impressive,  eye-catching, overly bright and unnatural coloured faux plants they will not blend well. The best tones when it comes to artificial plants is shaded green and yellow, flowering plants add natural feel instantly!

faux plants flower

Vases and dirt 

Anchor faux plants with dirt, fake moss or rocks to give them a realistic look and feel. Tall, transparent, colour coordinated vases in various shapes can compliment well with your artificial plants. Both vases combined with dirt, moss or stone aim to elevate any plant while instantly adding polish and personality. 

Keep them clean 

Cleaning artificial plants is way easier than real plants, as they don’t need much upkeep like real plants to keep looking beautiful. Our artificial plants our build to last, so don't be scared to dust them aggressively, they won't break!

Lightly dusting artificial plants with a soft bristle brush, feather duster will ensure no damage. Also always test a small patch before using chemical solutions while cleaning, to avoid colours fading. 

Mix things up

Distraction is very important when using faux plants to decorate. Mix things up by blending a variety of real and artificial plants. Bring a realistic touch to the table by shaping stems and leaves to slightly droop and follow a less uniform texture as sometimes perfection is a dead giveaway that the plants are artificial. 

Hang them 

Creating an eye-catching focal point by hanging faux plants high, is an easy trick. They instantly bring a more realistic touch. 

Artificial plants bring soft, texture, colour, and an element of freshness to every space. So take our recommendations and get creative to strike whatever balance feels right for you and don’t be afraid to flaunt it like art. 

Alexandru Popa