9 Things You Will Notice Taking Care Of A Fake Plant

They were once highly criticized and derided as being plastic and fake. Decorators used to snicker, cringe, or refuse to be around them.

We are talking about artificial plants, of course.

In the last decade, faux plants have come so far. These days, a handcrafted, highly detailed artificial plant is so realistic you couldn’t tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘faux’. If you’ve bought your first artificial plant and are starting to look into how to take care of it, here are a number of things you’re sure to notice.

They Look So Real

When you get up-close with an artificial plant, you can see how deep the detail goes. It’s fairly amazing how real a fake plant can look.

It Doesn’t Need Water

It’s a fake plant. It’s inorganic. It does not need water. In fact, watering it is a downright bad idea. You’ll only be putting unnecessary moisture around it, likely to eventually mold and mildew. Watering isn’t needed.

It Doesn’t Need Sunlight

A faux plant can survive without sun. In a dark corner, a basement, a closet, or an attic, an artificial plant will sit looking the same way it looks when it’s front and center where you want it in your home décor.

It Doesn’t Catch Bugs

Real plants are a food source for bugs and pests but an artificial plant will never catch bugs because there’s nothing for them to feed on.

They’re Non-Toxic

If you have been hesitant on buying a certain plant, knowing they’re toxic, a faux plant isn’t. A pet, child, or any living thing can ingest it and it won’t be a reason to cause poison control. If you don’t trust your pet, artificial plants are a great buy instead of risking the real thing.

They Add Lots Of Life

When you buy artificial plants online and after setting them up, a lot of people are shocked at how much life they add to the room.

You May Want To Reshape Them

As a faux plant will never change its look, it can be tiring to look at after a few months. On occasion, you may want to reshape them by re-bending the stems. You can also rotate them in their planter or simply replace them with a new fake plant. These sorts of reshaping and rotations add a lot of visual appeal.

Dust Can Be A Problem

Yes, that’s right. How to keep a fake plant looking as realistic as possible is to keep them free of dust. A microfiber cloth, compressed air, or even a moist paper towel can easily remove dust, maintaining your greenery properly.

You Don’t Really Need To Do Anything

The bottom line is taking care of a faux plant involves doing very little. You can even put it in storage and come back to it years from now, and it will still look like new.

Come to Artiplanto.com to find your favourite fake plants. We have all sorts of plants, trees, and flowers, with some luxury blooms and foliage to sort through. From tasteful individual plants to crafting entire backdrops of greenery, there is a multitude of ways to decorate with an artificial plant. Shop yours today.

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