With winter and the holidays, home décor lovers have whole new patterns and colors to work with. It’s also an opportune time for faux plant admirers to rotate out the plants they were using through the summer and/or fall, paving the way for winter-ready, cheery, and festive artificial greenery.

Here are 9 artificial plants that have us so extremely excited for winter décor and decorating for colder times.


There are lots of artificial succulent arrangements and individually potted succulents that fit exquisitely well in almost any area, from being put on a bookshelf to sitting at the far edge of a desktop table.

Olive Tree

An olive tree is a beautiful addition to any corner or anywhere you think it can add dimension. Olive trees tend to be fairly tall and bushy at the top, without a lot in the middle. This can help minimize the space requirements of the plant and keep it sleek for placemen where you need it.

Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

A spathiphyllum leaf plant would be beautiful next to a coffee table or near a bookshelf, contributing a sort of natural green texture that so many will appreciate.

Bird of Paradise Plant

A faux Bird of Paradise plant can be quite colorful if the design is in bloom or equally green and dynamic when it’s not. For a quality artificial plant, a Bird of Paradise is a year-round favourite that’s reliable and pristine at all times.

Travellers Palm Tree

Although you wouldn’t think a travellers palm tree is in fact a palm, it is. As one of the top-requested palms, a travellers palm has banana-like leaves and reaches upwards. It’s a great plant if you’re looking at staging a room or doing a full redecoration in time for the holiday season.

Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

A sansevieria dark green plant is one of the more different artificial plants on this list. A sansevieria’s stiff greenery reaches towards the sky, taking inspiration from a succulent. It’s a fine addition to any home.

Fiddle Leaf Plant

A fiddle leaf plant looks organic and comes with a structure to it that makes it a common artificial houseplant for a lot of homeowners. Its form is very generic but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Especially if you’re going to have guests over and/or you want a décor aesthetic that doesn’t offend, a fiddle leaf plant will do the trick.

Rubber Plant

A rubber plant is not what you think. It’s not an actual plant made of rubber. A glossy rubber plant actually exists in nature and in its faux form, is one of the better, more affordable artificial plants around. A stylish addition to your holiday décor setting and a perfect dinner table plant centerpiece.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

A Hawaii Kwai palm tree is a big, beautiful palm. There’s no other way to put it. If you want to enjoy the feeling of warm tropics through winter, a big faux palm tree is certainly going to craft the right look.

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Andrew Lu