Are Faux Plants A Winter Garden Alternative To Wet Your Appetite With?

The ground is frozen and covered in sheets of snow. The temperature is below zero. Your backyard’s inaccessible and gardening is off-limits. You couldn’t plant a seed outside if you tried.

Although most gardeners are waiting for the warmer spring months to get started on a new garden, you don’t have to. This winter, a fine alternative to waiting to garden in the summer is making your own faux plant garden.

What Is A Faux Plant Garden?

A faux plant garden is an arrangement of greenery, often indoors, that is done entirely with artificial plants.

If you have had difficulty keeping real plants alive indoors, you don’t have to worry with faux plants. Everything’s inorganic. It isn’t breathing. There is no way to kill or wilt an artificial plant. A faux plant garden is so advantageous for that reason.

You can have a faux plant garden by clustering multiple plants in the same planter or arrange several planters together in an arrangement.

What Plants Can You Put In An Indoor Garden?

If it’s an artificial plant garden, you can put anything in an indoor garden. You can have succulents, tropical plants, trees, flowers, grasses, and more. It’s all in what you see for your houseplant garden.

Some decorators choose to build around an artificial tree, such as a palm, and put medium-to-small plants at its base. For most people though, they prefer multiple indoor faux tabletop houseplants arranged in a pleasing shape.

There are no real limits to what you can do with a faux plant garden.

How Do You Take Care Of An Indoor Garden?

When you have a lot of artificial plants in a garden, taking care of them and ‘gardening’ as you would outdoors is really non-existent.

You don’t have to water, keep the soil nutritious, or even have the fake greenery in front of the sun. Your faux plant garden can exist without all of these things. Here are some things you can do, keeping your winter garden in tip-top shape.

  1. Reshape the plants on occasion, re-forming them according to how you want them to resemble. This will help add more variety to the look week-to-week.
  2. Consider adding a real plant here and there to keep things interesting. This mixed houseplant garden approach is taken on by many indoor gardeners.
  3. Look at how you can blend in lights, particularly if it’s in a dark part of your home. LED string lights are very popular but they aren’t your only option.
  4. Consider incorporating a small contained fountain to add some movement and water around which your plants can be. In a way, you want to treat a garden more like a decoration than a living, breathing thing.
  5. Add small fencing or trendy caging in a way to add height and dynamics to the surroundings.
  6. Consider adding some accessories to the planter to give it a different look, such as incorporating wood chips, broken glass, crystals, rocks, moss, metals, or garden-like statues.
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