In a luxury home or for a luxury event, you don’t want your faux plants coming up short. At, we specialize in realistic, hand-painted luxury artificial plants for home décor, interior design, events decorating, and more.


If you are looking for the most realistic premium artificial plants, here are a few of our favourites. You will be able to find these and so many others, pulling from tropical plants to succulents, artificial boxwood topiary plants, faux flowers, and more.


When you need an artificial plant that can fool you into believing the greenery is real, try these from


Faux Aloe Tree Plant


A pointy, carefully-painted faux aloe tree plant really demonstrates the difference between cheap Walmart fake plants and premium artificial plants.


Faux Snake Sansevieria Plant


There are quite a few different faux snake sansevieria plants at, each varying in color and detail. Gone are the days when there was just one type of artificial plant on the shelf. Browse a few different possibilities and find your favorite.


Faux Spiral Boxwood Topiary Plant


See lots of artificial boxwood topiary plants, including this game-changing spiral boxwood topiary. You can position these in large gathering areas, incorporate them into your landscaping or outdoor area, or set them anywhere you like.


Faux Cedar Topiary Plant


This is one of the most realistic fake plants on the Internet! The faux cedar topiary plant doesn’t need watering, sunlight, or soil. This cedar’s artificial all the way and looks exquisite wherever it’s placed.


Faux Rubber Plant


A faux rubber plant gives off a bit of a different vibe, capturing amazing detail in every leaf. Premium materials and the hand-painted work make this genuinely a must-have.


Faux Monstera Plant


The faux Monstera plant is an elevated plant, textured just right and indistinguishable from its inspiration. Although you can get a real Monstera and try your chances there, the advantage of a faux Monstera is that you don’t have to worry about it changing shape or dying. It’s a very sophisticated, simple plant perfect for any living room or bedroom.


Faux Cactus Plant


Are you wanting a home office plant? Try a faux cactus. A fake cactus plant looks so real! A designer-level piece, artificial plants like this will look perfect on any shelf or tabletop. For a work-from-home setup, this is our top pick.


Faux Palm Tree Plant


Palm trees have long been highly sought-after. They represent summer vibes, vacations, and fun. With a faux palm tree plant, you can choose the size you want and shape it how you like. Enjoy the shade.


Faux Korea Bamboo Plant


A faux Korea bamboo plant is a high-quality artificial plant sure to lift your mood. With a classic Asian aesthetic to it, the bamboo plant is quite a bit different from other greenery you’ll find on and artificial plant stores.


Brighten your home and add some welcome with a high-quality luxury artificial plant from If you want a real-looking fake plant, this is where you get it. No green thumb needed. Treat yourself with a plant that represents your personality and your vibe without the responsibility of having to prune it, water it, light it, and keep it alive. Visit today.

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