Premium artificial plants in home décor are bright, colorful, and have an unmistakable visual impact. As houseplants, they bring you a glimpse of nature inside with none of the risks of a real plant. No bugs. No diseases. No wilting or deadness to the plant. A fake plant is the perfect compromise for someone who wants a plant but none of the ongoing responsibility.


A common worry a lot of first-time faux plant buyers have though is that fake plants might not look real. When you buy artificial plants from Walmart, Target, IKEA, and other general retailers, what you often get is a somewhat unrealistic-looking plant. Trying to make this type of faux plant resemble something real can be tough.


Compare that to sites like who sell the best artificial plants online. They’re hand-painted, carefully designed, and made from the most premium-grade materials. They’re a massive upgrade over the faux plants of Walmart and other brands. That’s where to start in searching for a fake plant you can make look real.


As lovers of plants, real and faux alike, here are our 4 best tips on how to make faux plants look real.


Rotate Your Plant


A faux plant doesn’t grow. It looks the exact same 24/7. Over time, it can make your fake plant look unrealistic.


Try to remember to rotate your plant seasonally. You may want to reshape it a bit but you don’t necessarily need to. Rotating the planter is all you need to do to add a new dynamic to your artificial plant.


Make A Realistic Shape


Fake plants have branches that can be bent, just like a fake Christmas tree in a way. So you can shape and reshape a fake plant. The right way to shape a fake plant is to study how the real greenery looks and duplicate it.


A realistic shape for a premium faux plant is going to be somewhat imperfect. Look up photos. Replicate the real plant carefully. Take a step back and observe your work. A little chaos in its aesthetic isn’t a bad thing, either. See how you might be able to make it more engaging by making small adjustments to your plant shape.


Dust Your Plants


The biggest threat to making any faux plant look less real is dust. Real plants don’t accumulate dust in the same way.


A fake plant though will sit there and, like other home décor, will end up covered in dust and debris from the air. Before you intend to put your plants on display for an event or a gathering with friends, have a quick look over the leaves and branches. A quick microfiber wipe can eliminate a lot of the dust that will destroy an artificial plant’s realism.


Don’t Clutter Your Plant


This goes for any plant, real or faux. Don’t clutter it. Provide your plant enough space to look like a plant. Have a nice minimalist planter and set your faux plant somewhere it’s going to get the attention it deserves.


When too much home décor is put around your plant, your plant can end up looking like just another home décor piece.


Shop the best in high-quality, real-looking artificial plants at today. Make your greenery look and feel so real. Start with one of our hand-painted, authentic plant creations. Artificial plants from are among the best in home décor.

Pedro Capitao de Salles