Monstera plants are a species of evergreen. They are a tropical plant and often chased by homeowners, interior designers, and home decorators in North America. A Monstera is characterized famously by the holes and tears in its leaves, something that occurs naturally in its lifecycle.

If you buy a real Monstera plant, it’s going to need a certain amount of sunlight and shade, moisture and humidity, and warm temperatures. The obvious advantage of a faux Monstera is that it needs none of those things.

An artificial Monstera plant is, in fact, an ideal indoor plant because of its recognizability and presence. The tropical nature of a Monstera also makes it fine to have year-round, communicating warmth and welcome. Here are the top 7 places to get faux Monstera plants online.


IKEA is a store where whatever you need, you can probably find it here stocked somewhere amongst its warehouse. That includes fake plants. Load up on artificial greenery at some of the best prices online. Buy your artificial Monstera plant here and rest assured you won’t find a discount that’s better.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural is filled with faux plants. Choose your Monstera. Choose your size. You can find Monstera plants that suit the size of your space with ease. Being artificial, it will never outgrow where you place it. This is an example of a brand that specializes in artificial plants. Though affordability may come into question, the products’ realism speaks for itself.

Home Depot

Home Depot is loaded with fake plant options, including artificial Monstera plants. At midway pricing, a Monstera from Home Depot is a little more realistic than brands like IKEA and is a little better made. For the budget-minded shopper but who doesn’t want to sacrifice a realistic appearance in their Monstera, Home Depot is on this list for you.


Amazon, like IKEA, is filled with options. They have a wide, wide selection of Monstera plants and other fake plants although they aren’t always the most detailed or realistic. Regardless, if appearances are slightly less of a priority than cost, you can find some hefty discounts here. Amazon artificial Monstera plants will suit your space with ease.


Artiplanto is the cream of the crop. They 100% deserve a stop on anyone’s fake plant online shopping click-trip. Their faux Monstera plant is the most realistic-looking of them all and crafted by hand. As an added bonus, the store also sells cute, trendy planters and other artificial plant accessories to fill out your décor theme around a Monstera.


If you want to buy a faux Monstera plant online, Wayfair has a sleek website, a diverse artificial plant selection albeit somewhat limited, and lots of pretty, sprawling Monstera plants to consider. Wayfair offers convenience but for most shoppers, they may find their tastes fall outside the parameters of a general store like Wayfair. For those, you may need a brand specializing in artificial Monsteras and other faux plants, such as the aforementioned Artiplanto.


Etsy is known for being an arts and crafts spot but if you comb through its pages carefully, a shopper can find lots of fake plants and artificial greenery, including artificial Monstera plants. Etsy’s a great source of handmade, detailed plants on the cheap, although the quality can admittedly vary.

Andrew Lu