Home décor is a fun subject, with so many possibilities, pairings, and creations to choose from.

As we approach a new year and in the aftermath of the holiday season, consider some home décor accents to get the next season off on the right foot.

There is all sorts of unique home décor, from artificial plants to area rugs. Here are our 2021 favourites.


Dozens of planter types exist. From seagrass to braided planters, you can use planters with fake plants, real plants, or an alternative purpose.

Ultimately a form of storage, home décor planters add a sense of naturalism wherever they happen to be placed.

Tabletop Plants

A tabletop plant for your work-from-home office or bedside table is a pet-safe way to add greenery to your surroundings.

Tabletop plants come in dozens of faux plant varieties, from sansevieria to fiddle leaf, olive, Monstera, and more.

Boxwood Topiaries

Normally, boxwood topiaries are used predominantly outdoors as a way of emphasizing a landscape.

A boxwood topiary can also be placed indoors along an entranceway, bathroom, or in large rooms begging for something interesting. They’re such a shapely sight. If you already have an aesthetic theme that emphasizes round shapes, this may be the perfect addition.

Vintage, Handmade Rugs

The beauty of rugs is that they take up no space. You throw them down and instantly add life across an area that isn’t always thought of as a home décor opportunity.

Find handwoven area Persian rugs and more from ArtiPlanto or through other vintage rug collections.

Faux Hanging Plants

Even in tight quarters, there’s hopefully still at least a little vertical space to play with.

Fake hanging plants come in all sorts of looks, designs, and home décor aesthetics. If you, unfortunately, don’t have the space to create a sort of faux garden on the ground, take to the air!

From a hook mounted to the wall or hung down from the ceiling, you’ve got lots of exciting opportunities browsing artificial hanging plants with ArtiPlanto like the Grace, Aubree, Lyla, Penelope, Camila, Frida, Ennio, or Elrey.

Artificial Floral Arrangements

Why fake floral arrangements – the answer’s an easy one. Real flowers die. Faux flowers don’t.

Though it may seem like a copout, artificial floral arrangements and fake flowers are reusable, long-lasting, and can add a lot of beauty to a room. Use your creativity to come up with a bouquet and choose a pre-selected faux flower combination.

Artificial Wreaths

When you don’t have any space to play with in your home – like literally, none at all – the last chance to add some florals into your décor may be hanging on the back of your door with an artificial wreath.

A wreath can be as simple as bare, bright greenery for you to decorate or a total floral arrangement in a wreath.

Accent your home décor with some new elements this winter and spring. Visit ArtiPlanto for hundreds of ideas in artificial plants, fake flowers, wreaths, boxwood topiaries, planters, baskets, pots, and plenty more.

andrew lu