Every day, new homes welcome fake plants into their home décor. Though it’s impossible to murder a faux plant, you can certainly make mistakes in how they’re styled and presented in home décor.


When we decorate with artificial plants, there are few rules and many approaches. You can do almost anything with them and without consequence, to your desire. That said, you want to have greenery that’s in line with you and your personality. You want a look that fits your home, strategically and realistically sized and styled. There is an art to it.


Here are the fake plant mistakes that will ruin your plant look if you aren’t watching for them.


You Have Too Many Plants


This isn’t so much about where to put a faux plant but rather, filling a room with too much. ‘Too much’ means something different to each person but you’ll know it when you see it. If you’re packing dozens of plants in a single space, that’s probably too much.


You don’t want to clutter a space with fake plants. It will make it look like a jungle.


Their Look Is Stagnant


Fake plants never grow. They never change. If left untouched, they will always look the same. While great in some cases, it can also lead to a very boring look. Try to rotate your plants every season or, at the very least, reshaping them in a slightly different way.


If you have a stagnant look at home, it doesn’t take much to spruce up your home décor in minutes.


Your Plant Doesn’t Match Your Décor


We all have a preference in home décor. Some prefer luxury while others go vintage. There’s mid-century, modern, minimalist, and all sorts of styles. Have a planter and plant that matches the décor around you.


At Artiplanto.com, you will find dozens of fake plant planters in brass, cement, metal, and other materials.


Your Plants Are Covered In Dust


Dust is the enemy of home décor. That includes faux plants. Premium plants can look less than when they’re covered in dust. At least once a month, do a quick survey of any faux plants you have. Dust them with a duster or give them a careful wipe-down with a cloth.


A microfiber cloth works great at removing all dust and debris from your fake plants or flowers.


You Buy Cheap Fake Plants


Lots of cheap fake plants exist. You can get them at Walmart, IKEA, and similar places. They’re alright to look at but they don’t quite do the trick when it comes to realism. Always opt to buy premium artificial plants.


You can get some amazing faux plants from Artiplanto.com with a highly realistic, detailed look.


Filling A Dark Room With Faux Plants


A dark room is unfortunate because there’s not a whole lot that can grow in there. An artificial plant can brighten up a dark room, however, in a truly dark room, they can come across resembling something fake.


Always have at least a little natural light around your faux plants. This is an important thing to remember.


You can learn more about fake plants, popular artificial plants, and what makes a premium artificial plant, and buy them online at Artiplanto.com today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles