5 Excellent Idea to Leverage Faux Plants to Decorate Your Office

Faux plants are the easiest way to add colour and brightness to any office space. As there are plenty of ways to bring greenery in your office with artificial plants — they are becoming a must have accessory. Read on for simple, fun, and refreshing ways to bring in a new season and reboot your office decor with lots of greenery. 

Liven up corners

There is always that one space in your office where nothing fits and emptiness lingers? Fill the corner up with a cluster of potted greenery. Combine different artificial plants in varying heights to uplift the corner with new life and depth.To take things one step further, use the power of numbers — arrange mini plants in small clusters on shelves or as a centerpiece on tables to create a focal point and a welcoming atmosphere in a board room or waiting area. Always choose artificial plants in different sizes and shapes to create some visual texture and dynamic space. 

Flaunt floor space

Hanging plants are a great way to add life to an office where floor space is limited. They are also an easy way to maintain and bring a vibrant touch to any functional space. When it comes to picking artificial office plants, choose something with a leafy trail, like a philodendron — as they look very pretty by a window or hanging in an office. 

Refresh old furniture

Artificial plants are the best way to add greenery and refresh old furniture in an office space and bring the outdoors in. Since they are affordable and available in so many varieties to choose from artificial plants and a better option than changing or buying new furnishings. If you already have a few artificial office plants. Go ahead and mix things up depending on the season to make your office space feel fresh and new!

Add the lush

Boardrooms and large offices seem to be the most challenging to decorate.Use bold and colourful artificial indoor plants to add the wow factor to a boring and bland space. Best flower for an office is an orchid as it’s both elegant and bold with a subtle modern statement. 

Spruce up neutral spaces

If you have a lot of neutral tones in your office artificial plants are a great way to add some natural tones to add a nice pop of green and soothing vibe without feeling overwhelming. 

Tall vases are a great way to add some greenery without spending too much money. To go one step further you can match a few plants to create variety. 

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