Artificial silk plants have come a long way and have become one of the most preferred accessory by designers  as they look amazingly real with all the fuss and upkeep. 

Plus they are perfect whether your decor yearns a tropical splash or a modern sleek look. The most popular silk plants that all designers recommend are palm trees as they are a perfect way to bring in some natural warmth especially in cold climate prone interior decoration concepts. Further unlike real plants silk palm trees can be placed anywhere regardless of low light or small spaces. 


Silk palm tree plants have a charm which cannot be replaced by any other artificial plant especially when it comes to the ease of style. From tropical to a tuscan theme fake palm trees for office space are a great way to design with warm colour schemes. They also blend really well in a home alongside colourful tiles by bringing their exotic and lush green looks. 

Looking for a vintage look or a traditional Victorian theme for your living or bedroom palm trees charm it all — they add sophistication while beaming with elegant yet contemporary or transitional style which is organic in presence. 


As silk palm trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes that mimic a real tropical palm plant — they are irresistible when it comes to decorating and are the best choice of all designers. 

They are a great way to uplift an empty corner as well as blend in well in large living rooms without interfering with other furnishings or decor elements and yet being a focal point. They also blend really well with bookshelves or big shelves in an office setting.  


When decorating with a palm tree an interior designers favourite part is to blend them well in a line to sync with the vertical and horizontal design lines. If you have large columns in your office or an empty wall small use a fake silk palm tree for office to pull things together and create harmony with the help of breaking the monotony of symmetrical designs. 


Whether you choose a wicker basket, terra-cotta, clay and ceramic planter so it's all about enhancing the overall look of the plant. To add some length to your plant use some gravel at the bottom of the plant. Sometimes the leaves may wrinkle, show some tender loving care and the leaves of the palm tree with some hot water and they will be ready to flaunt as new.

Alexandru Popa