How to Effectively Use Planters to Personalize Your Artificial Plants

The best way to flaunt artificial plants is by arranging them in an artistic manner. The art of arranging plants is a fun way to personalize your artificial plants. It further, helps to bring in the greenery and a modern look. 

If you’re thinking of complimenting artificial plants in your decor — planters or urns are a great way to add a majestic accent. When using planters it is very important to choose wisely what you add to them and always remember less is more. We also have a few more recommendations to be mindful of while using planters to personalize your artificial plants.


Choosing the right size planter is important, as it may drown the plant if its too big or just look fake of the planter is too small. Always remember to leave 2-3 inches of space between the plant, the planter and the soil — this helps create the illusion of the real plant. Always use soil that is more natural looking a combination of colourful rocks and dirt looks really great with artificial plants. Along with size the shape of the planter is also very important do not choose round planter if you are working with one or more artificial plants — rectangle planters always work well for collaborating more than one plant together. 


Add your personal style  by decorating the planters by painting prints or designs that you like to customize them to blend in well with your personal style statement. Always choose ceramic pots when painting planters as they are easy to decorate. 

You can also choose colourful paint to do different designs to pair the planters specific with your decor colour scheme. The best colours to use while decorating planters are pastel shades — as  they blend well indoors as well as outdoors. 


Keep in mind that not all real plants have symmetrical branches which separates the real from the fake pants. Using the right tools and maintaining artificial plants to help them look flawless is key while decorating. Wire cutters are great to trim artificial plants, in a variety of sizes to help fit in planters and look like real plants. For ease of use peel or discard the outer layer of the artificial plants to help trim the artificial plants to help replicate the appearance of real plants. 


When it comes to the placement always remember to mimic the placement and colour scheme of a real plant. Use foam to mix artificial plants and flowers in a planter to create a beautiful bouquet. 


Moss is not just a quick fix it is one of the simplest ways to add that wow factor to artificial plants almost instantly. While placing moss in any planter always, use small clumps and spread it around over the foam around plants and flowers. Less is more just remember that when using moss and although it may seem tempting spread it out to avoid using too much moss. 

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