White Vase Collection

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Artiplanto's White Vase Collection is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home. 

  • Small Rain Drop  - 6” x 8.5”h (15cm x 21.5cm h)
  • Egg - 4” x 5”h (10cm x 13cm h)
  • Jug - 7” x 15’h (18cm x 13cm h)
  • Short Sack - 7” x 8”h (18cm x 20cm h)
  • Tall Sack - 9” x 16’ h (23cm x 40cm h)
  • Bead - 5” x 20” h (13cm x 51cm h)
  • Bottle - 4” x 9” h (10cm x 23cm h)
  • Carafe 4” x 9” h (10cm x 23cm h)
  • Pot 13” x 14” h (33cm x 36cm h)
  • Squat 7” x 10” h (18cm x 25cm h)

The collection includes a variety of vases in different sizes and shapes.

Expertly crafted from white cement and ceramic.

Vases are watertight and durable.

Mix and match the vases to create a unique look.

    No reviews

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