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Pinto Artificial Crotons Potted Plant 22"

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A mix of rouge, yellow, and green, meet an artificial crotons potted plant that’s tailor-made for any office, living room, kitchen, or home décor setup. With its beautifully detailed leaves occupying space in the room, you can always look up and see the lively colors creating atmosphere. It’s a fine faux plant to have on-hand and a contrast to the traditional all-green aesthetic.

  • Height - 22 inches (55cm)
  • Diameter - 16 inches (40cm)
  • True-to-life detail in every leaf, hand-crafted by botanical experts
  • Re-shape the stems of the crotons potted plant to reflect the shape you want
  • Realistic-looking, vibrant color you can take with you indoors and outdoors alike
  • Lush in sunlight with leaves that will never wilt or fade
  • No maintenance required

A one-of-a-kind artificial crotons potted plant from the designers at ArtiPlanto. Add an unexpected accent to your room with a customizable shape. Shop yours today.

What is a real crotons plant like?

Croton plant is a perennial evergreen shrub native to India and similar climates. Adorned in orange, green, scarlet, and yellow, they’re a common houseplant however are fussy. An alternative is a faux crotons plant that gives you all of the aesthetics without any of the maintenance needed to back it up.

Can I put my artificial crotons plant outside?

Artificial crotons plant looks fabulous outside. Although we can’t control the temperature or weather conditions, your plant is created from materials built to last. When displays your faux crotons plant outdoors, rest assured you don’t have to worry about damage from natural elements.

Why is a faux crotons plant better than the real thing?

Buy it once and it’s always going to look great. That’s the ArtiPlanto faux plant guarantee. Impeccably designed and as real as real can be, artificial plants like the crotons eliminates potential allergic reactions, toxicity, insects and pests, and more. You save your time, money, effort, and sanity long-term.

Compatible Planter sizes:

22 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.

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PINTO Artificial Crotons Potted Plant 22" ArtiPlanto
Pinto Artificial Crotons Potted Plant 22" Sale price$40.00 USD Regular price$57.00 USD