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Paola - Brass Floor Planter (Multiple Sizes)

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Brass is beautiful! Ancient techniques were used to craft its white antique-style finish. An unforgettable piece of décor, this brass basket planter offers a charming combination with artificial greenery of your choosing. Make your planter a work of art.
  • Height – from 6 inches (16cm) to 8 inches (21cm)
  • Opening - from 5 inches (13cm)  to 8 inches (20cm)
  • Made from premium, antique-quality brass
  • Perfect for medium-to-large sized artificial plants and trees
  • Handcrafted by highly experienced brass planter makers
  • Each planter is unique, no two are the same
  • Use only a soft cloth to clean

The ArtiPlanto Brass Planter Collection is handmade in India by skilled artisans in skill-based communities that have been specializing in brass handicrafts since the 1700s. Order your favourites today.

Can You Put A Brass Planter Outside?

The alloys that make up brass easily corrode from long-term exposure to the elements. This is something to monitor. Brass planters are best for indoor use only, unless they are coated with a sealant of some kind.

What Can You Grow in Brass Planters?

Brass is made up of copper and zinc, both of which can be toxic to plants. It is generally not recommended for real plants, simply because of the risk. That said, with a fake plant, a brass planter won’t do any harm.

How Can I Make My Brass Basket Planter Look More Realistic?

A common question asked is how to make artificial plants and flowers look more realistic. The answer’s easy. Combine them with rocks, moss, and/or wood chips. Look at natural elements easily addable to your brass planter for the purpose of realism. 

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PAOLA - Brass Floor Planter (Multiple Sizes) ArtiPlanto
Paola - Brass Floor Planter (Multiple Sizes) Sale price$28.00 USD Regular price$47.00 USD









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