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Panuco Potted Faux Fiddle Plant

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An artificial fiddle plant like this is small and cute! Perfect for homes and offices, make an architectural statement. From its shiny fiddle leaves to the tropical aesthetic the plant contains, hold in your hands one of the most popular indoor artificial plants of our time.

  • Height - 1.2ft (37cm)
  • Diameter - 8.2 inches (21cm)
  • Detailed violin-shaped leaves aimed upright
  • Inject a space with texture and green thumb-inspired visual interest
  • Premium-made materials, silk-screened and painted by hand
  • Perfect for office desks, tabletops, shelves, and more
  • No maintenance or cleaning needed

You have better things to do than water a fiddle plant. ArtiPlanto artificial plants are lifelike, handcrafted, and set the industry standard. Order yours today.

Is A Fiddle Plant An Indoor Plant?

A fiddle plant is a tropical plant, known to thrive in warm and wet conditions. It is common to Africa. In North America, fiddle plants are highly sought after as indoor house plants. Though difficult to maintain, an artificial potted fiddle plant delivers its classic appearance without the hassle of water, sunlight, and climate control.

Are Fiddle Plants Hard to Keep Alive?

Fiddle plants are a trendy Instagram-ready plant with a gorgeousness of greenery you can’t ignore. As lush and shiny as it is though, yes, they are tough to keep alive. You have to work to duplicate their natural conditions, including misting it, keeping the soil moist, and turning it every few months for sunlight. If you’re not up for the game of constant monitoring, try a faux fiddle instead!

Why A Faux Fiddle Plant?

A lot of interior decorators and designers love faux fiddle plants for reasons already mentioned. Another segment of people who love them are homeowners with guest rooms and vacation properties. For areas you don’t have ongoing access to for caretaking of plants, artificial fiddle plants are the next best thing.

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.

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Panuco Potted Faux Fiddle Plant ArtiPlanto
Panuco Potted Faux Fiddle Plant Sale price$60.00 USD Regular price$86.00 USD