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Olidia Artificial Olive Tree 10'

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An artificial olive tree will liven up any space with true-to-life beauty and sophisticated colour. Create a tropical-like atmosphere with perfectly trimmed almost-natural green foliage. From a single trunk and split into several stems, the olive tree aesthetic is appropriate for any home or workspace.

  • Height – from 10 ft (300cm)
  • Diameter - from 43 inches (110cm)
  • A perfect vertical accent to your home
  • Realistic-looking silk leaves and up-close detailed stems
  • Re-shape the olive tree stems for the exact shape you want
  • The perfect start to a lovely indoor artificial garden
  • No maintenance required

Order this fine, delicate brightly-coloured faux olive tree potted plant from ArtiPlanto today. Accessorize your room with the best-looking artificial plants year-round!

What room is best for an artificial olive tree?

From the bedroom and bathroom to the dining room, these plants are looking fabulous anywhere. ArtiPlanto’s artificial olive tree can also be paired with any of our baskets or planters for a customized aesthetic perfect for any room.

What else can I combine with my faux olive tree for my indoor garden?

The beauty of our artificial olive tree is that it is very adaptable and can sit standalone or joined with other elements. Flowering plants with bright and vivid blossoms pack a punch nestled alongside an olive tree. Stone, fabric, and wood are also materials that can be added to personalize the greenery to you.

How real-looking is the artificial olive tree?

It’s our aim to inspire and entrance with our faux plants. The attention to detail from the designs which are handmade to the checks on colour accuracy and texture gives this artificial olive tree the most realistic-looking appearance possible. An exceptional product, from us to you!

Compatible Planter sizes:

10 ft - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 7.5 inches (19CM)

Please note we highly recommend pairing your new 10ft plant with a cement planter such as the COBA

Not only will this provide a nice aesthetic to the height of the plant and the width of the planter, but it will also give an appropriate weight balance to the height of the plant. You could also add sand or real earth to the planter you have to give additional  strength to the foundation and give it more of a natural look!

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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    Olidia Artificial Olive Tree 10' Sale price$404.00 USD Regular price$605.00 USD