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Neva - Brass Planter With Black Stand

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A planter for any faux plant! See this brass planter on mid-century black legs in your household or office. Made by hand in India by skilled artisans, this antique-style planter contains detail exclusive to each individual product. Durable, beautiful, and strong.

  • Height –  from 15 inches (38cm) to 17.5 inches (45cm)
  • Opening - from 6.5 inches (16.5cm) to 7.5 inches (19.5cm)
  • Indoor white planter to enhance your space with on-trend style
  • Eye-catching modern design aesthetics
  • Metal support legs optimized to handle the weight above them
  • Pairs well with any artificial plant, from fiddle leafs to palm trees
  • Use a soft cloth to keep it looking its best

ArtiPlanto’s Brass Planter Collection offers one-of-a-kind planters, each one handmade and crafted in a way where each piece is different from the one before it and after it. Order yours today.

What Can You Do With A Brass Planter?

A planter can be used in several ways, independently on its own or with a collection of décor pieces. It can be a centerpiece with the right fake plant or be used to brighten up a dull, drab space. A planter like this can fit in with an indoor or outdoor garden, or matched with complementary metals or wood in décor as well.

How Do You Brighten Up An Old Brass Planter?

There are almost a dozen different ways to polish and shine up old, tarnished brass. The most common is to use flour, salt, and white vinegar. It’ll be at least a decade or two before you’ll consider doing this with your ArtiPlanto white planter, if not longer.

What Can You Put in Brass Planters Other Than Plants?

Brass planters aren’t strictly meant for plants, artificial or real. They can also be filled with moss, wood chips, rocks, and similar nature-infused organic-influenced materials, or alternatively be used to create something more ornamental with décor materials like sand, crystals, glass, or others.

Neva - Brass Planter With Black Stand ArtiPlanto
Neva - Brass Planter With Black Stand Sale price$74.00 USD Regular price$105.00 USD