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Moreno Potted Faux Watercress Plant

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From light to dark greens, and artificial watercress plant is a kaleidoscope of greenery you don’t have to maintain! The dense foliage is unmistakably watercress, formed with close attention to detail and handcrafted designs. 

  • Height - 1.5ft (45cm)
  • Diameter - 15 inches (40cm)
  • One of the more colorful tabletop green plants
  • Sophisticated and stylish, enjoy no-fuss faux watercress anywhere in your home or office
  • Created from the finest materials, silk-printed and crafted by hand
  • Adjust the shape of the plant by re-shaping the stems
  • Choose a pot, basket, or planter that speaks to your personality
  • No maintenance required

From thin trunks to thick, large and lush leaves to small yet expressive, ArtiPlanto is well-known for our artificial plants in North America. Order your day and add greenery to your room with commitments!

Is A Watercress Plant An Aquatic Plant?

Yes, watercress is an aquatic perennial plant. The pale, round green leaves that give watercress its main characteristics rely on a lot of water to grow. A real-life watercress plant is decorated with edible leaves. Those are often used as a vegetable, medicinally, and as a herb.

How Do You Grow Watercress Plants?

Watercress plants are best grown in the shade though they can tolerate direct sunlight. Arguably, most important to its life is having wet compost or soil. Moistness should be maintained year-round. Comparatively, a faux watercress plant doesn’t need any such special treatment.

Is Moist Soil Wet Enough for A Watercress Plant?

A watercress plant needs ‘water’. Damp soil won’t work. Moist soil won’t work. Watercress is accustomed to being near running water. Thereby to grow it, one must focus on ensuring stalks are planted in water-ridden soil.

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.

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Moreno Potted Faux Watercress Plant Sale price$81.00 USD Regular price$115.00 USD