Masina - Seagrass Floor Planter & Rattan Stand

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Threaded across every strand with white and teal, the Masina seagrass planter is a stunner! Premium-grade seagrass forms the primary material in this design. Add natural warm and bohemian-chic vibes to your home décor. A simple, elegant, and versatile planter.

  • Height - from 14.25 inches (36cm) to 22 inches (56cm)
  • Opening- from 11.25 inches (28.5cm) to 15.75 inches (40cm)
  • Naturally-grown and sustainably-sourced seagrass
  • Careful stitches protect the integrity of this durable material
  • As decorative as it is functional, woven carefully and by hand
  • Crafted by skilled artisans following guidelines from our design team
  • Pair your seagrass planter with an artificial plant of your choosing

A woven storage basket that matches any faux plant, from succulents to tropical. Looking for a rope-style seagrass planter – order yours today from ArtiPlanto.

How Flexible is A Seagrass Planter?

Seagrass is very charming and home décor-friendly but it’s also built exceptionally well. All handcrafted, an ArtiPlanto seagrass planter is flexible enough to move but put together in a sturdy, well-stitched design that holds up to weather and long-term use.

What Room Suits A Seagrass Planter Best?

Seagrass planters are frequently used outdoors on patios and decks in the summer but also suit living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, and more. Seagrass is a very enriching décor texture that naturally adds warmth without conflicting with colors, shapes, and items already in a space.

What Else Can You Put In A Seagrass Planter?

A seagrass basket isn’t just planter-specific. Home décor lovers will use these baskets to organize clothes, blankets, towels, toys, magazines, pet supplies, and various home products. You can, alternatively, craft an entire interior design aesthetic around seagrass planters and similar ArtiPlanto materials.

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