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Kentia Artificial King Palm Potted Plant 5'

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King palm plants are green, elegant, and engrossingly large. A perfect artificial potted plant for rooms with space to fill, this king palm is soulfully designed and infused with tropical charm. Captured beauty in its spread-out fonds, this is how you bring a little bit of summer indoors.

  • Height – 5 ft (150cm)
  • Diameter - 31.5 inches (80cm)
  • A touch of real bark
  • Realistically-designed to mimic every detail of a king palm plant
  • Lush, true-to-life detail ready to be paired with a basket or planter of your choice
  • Re-shape the stems for the exact look you desire
  • No upkeep needed

Wherever you place it, an ArtiPlanto artificial plant will always look its best. Its beauty is endless. Natural, whimsical, and just like the real thing. Order yours today.

Can You Grow A King Palm Plant Indoors?

Yes. In most areas of North America, a king palm plant won’t survive year-round outdoors and therefore has to be moved inside to an area that is protected from the climate outside. As a houseplant, as long as it’s cared for, it will stay looking its best for years to come.

How Do You Take Care of a King Palm Plant?

Though a palm cannot heal itself, a king palm plant is a plant that’s able to bounce back from some pretty unfavorable conditions. Use fertilizer twice a year. Ensure it stays watered but not overwatered.

Why Is An Artificial King Palm Potted Plant A Better Choice?

A faux king palm plant avoids common issues, such as under-watering, the mess of cleaning up after it, unwanted pests, and more. Unless you genuinely enjoy the hours required to care for a king palm, save your time, money, and care for something else. Choose an expert-designed artificial king palm.

    Compatible Planter sizes:

    5 ft - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

      Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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      Kentia Artificial King Palm Potted Plant 5' Sale price$141.00 USD Regular price$211.00 USD