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Gaby - Copper Brass Mid-Century Planter (Multiple Sizes)

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The shine on brass is one-of-a-kind! Assembled and molded by hand, this copper brass mid-century planter brings originality into your living space. Place it wherever you wish, with the greenery that suits your personality. Premium-quality copper brass.

  • Height – 12.5 inches (32cm) to 18 inches (46cm)
  • Opening - 9.5 inches (24cm) to 13.5 inches (34cm)
  • Holds any potted plant secure in a handcrafted structure
  • Modern mid-century décor for artificial plants
  • Perfect for tabletop use in homes and/or offices
  • Fill with rocks and/or moss for a more realistic presentation
  • Use only a soft cloth to clean

Check out ArtiPlanto’s Brass Planter Collection today and pick up your favourite premium-made copper planter. Have a work of art that is both planter and a work of art. This brass will last generations!

Do Brass Planters Attract Heat?

One of the drawbacks of metal planters, including cooper brass, is that they absorb a lot of warmth. With real plants, the conditions inside can in fact be too hot. For fake plants, you don’t have to worry about a thing though. You can’t overheat an artificial plant.

Should I Be Careful With Watering A Copper Brass Planter?

Copper brass can rust, like any metal. If you intend to use it for a real plant, be careful as the watering can eventually cause the brass planter to rust. Some artificial plant collectors may choose to mist their plants. If so, aim above the planter and get close. Minimize all contact with moisture.

Is Your Copper Brass Planter Made In North America?

No, our copper brass planters are made exclusively in India. We use skilled artisans who have experience creating beautiful brass handicrafts, using techniques centuries-old. In fact, the precise techniques used to create ArtiPlanto copper brass mid-century planters are the same as they were to what was used in the 1700s.

GABY - Copper Brass Mid-Century Planter (Multiple Sizes) ArtiPlanto
Gaby - Copper Brass Mid-Century Planter (Multiple Sizes) Sale price$171.00 USD Regular price$295.00 USD









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