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Emma Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Potted Plant 43''

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Careful detail in every line, from center to edge! Dark green leaves. Long, sturdy stems. A sometimes excessively large plant, the artificial travellers palm tree potted plant is perfect for open-concept spaces. See this true-to-life marvel in your home or office today.
  • Height – 3.6 ft (110cm)
  • Diameter - 29 inches (75cm)
  • Created from premium materials and an eye for realism
  • True-to-life, sophisticated attention to detail in every inch
  • Re-shape the stems for maximum impact in your chosen space
  • Pairs perfectly with an array of baskets and planters
  • No special climate or maintenance needed

Find artificial travellers palm tree potted plants from North America’s top supplier, ArtiPlanto. This beauty will go with almost any décor style. Order yours today. 

Why Is It Called A Travellers Palm Tree?

A travellers palm tree gets its name from how the plant’s hollow leaf bases hold water. Each can carry up to one quart of water. In the past, travellers crossing tropical regions would seek these plants out for their water to keep them alive. Many parts of the plant have evolved to hold significant amounts of water.

How Do You Take Care of A Travellers Palm Tree?

A travellers palm tree is a tropical plant that wishes to be put in moist, rich soil. They should be fertilized once a season. They thrive in sunshine. Caring for it indoors can present obvious challenges as one seeks to mimic these type of conditions.

How Fast Does A Travellers Palm Tree Grow?

A travellers palm tree grows rather quickly. It is fast-growing at its start. Once a trunk’s fully developed, it settles into a more moderate pace. The issue with this type of palm is they grow extraordinarily high. Some regions have travellers palm trees as high as 50 feet and above.

    Compatible Planter sizes:

    43 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.









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