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Dora Artificial Alocasia Potted Plant 28"

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An artificial alocasia plant is an iconic piece of décor for your home. Each stem and leaf reflects the highest standard in detail reproduction, crafted by hand and premium-made designs. Encompassing a full-of-life, realistic-looking approach, beautify your home or office with a maintenance-free artificial plant. Enjoy this faux alocasia forever!

  • Height  - 2.3 ft (70cm)
  • Diameter - 27.6 inches (70cm)
  • Glossy true-to-life leaves and stems crafted by hand
  • Re-shape the stems to achieve the exact look you want
  • A faux plant design that will never fade or fall off in liveliness
  • Crafted from the finest materials, prioritizing detail and realism
  • Deep green foliage is ready to brighten your room

For lush, detailed faux artificial alocasia plants, and more, ArtiPlanto is the name. See the most realistic artificial botanicals from the top designers in the country.

Do I need a topper for my faux plant from ArtiPlanto?

The faux alocasia plant and all others from ArtiPlanto come with designated planters that accompany its aesthetic. Although you can use other stabilizing design elements, they aren’t necessary to use your artificial plant indoors or outdoors.

Does the artificial alocasia really look this good?

When you receive your artificial plant – hooray! – yes it will look this good. In its box, it may be in need of some forming to give it some shape but other than that, all it needs is to be stood upright. Fluff it, style it, and observe the realism yourself.

How can I customize my artificial alocasia potted plant?

ArtiPlanto has hundreds of faux plants at various heights, diameters, and sizes. Customize your alocasia plant by manipulating the stems to form the precise shape you want. Pair it with other artificial plants, choose a basket or planter that speaks to use, and add in elements like stone, wood, and others to really give your faux plant a unique look.

Compatible Planter sizes:

28 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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Dora Artificial Alocasia Potted Plant 28" Sale price$94.00 USD Regular price$134.00 USD