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Ayu - Boho Floor Planter On Wooden Stand

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An all-natural planter using only renewable materials is a fine eco-friendly home décor solution! Boho-chic style and handmade, this floor planter brings in materials like bamboo and water hyacinth in its design. Shapely and visually interesting, the natural fibers in this planter create a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Height – 20.5 inches (52.5cm)
  • Opening - 13 inches (33.5cm)
  • All-natural, sustainably-grown materials employed in this planter design
  • Carefully and lovingly made by skilled artisans
  • Pairs perfectly with plant elements such as fake plants, rocks, and/or moss
  • Lightweight and constructed to be a highly durable décor piece
  • Boho-influenced mid-century vibes brought to your home

See bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, and hardwood among other natural materials in our collection of planters. Order yours today from ArtiPlanto.

Why a Boho Floor Planter?

A Boho floor planter is a simple and attractive solution to the question of what planter to pair to one’s best artificial plants. Adaptable to both homes and offices, this type of planter offers all-natural elegances that easily matches to any existing room décor.

How Long Do Planters Last?

The average wood planter lasts 3-20 years, depending on quality of material, rot present, and a variety of other factors. Never use wood in a planter that is chemical-treated, especially if you grow anything you intend to eat.

How Do I Keep my Planter Box From Rotting?

A planter box like this is made from all-natural material and is subject to rot if left uncared for. Fortunately, this planter is made for artificial plants which require no watering. For real plants though, you may have a problem. Here’s what to do. A piece of permeable landscaping fabric or mesh screen inside the planter is all you need. This will prevent soil from falling through and minimizes exposure to water.

AYU - Boho Floor Planter On Wooden Stand ArtiPlanto
Ayu - Boho Floor Planter On Wooden Stand Sale price$121.00 USD Regular price$172.00 USD