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Aviva Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet 8''X8''

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Wedding-worthy luxe artificial potted flowers! Elegant and with splashes of pink spread around, this feminine faux flower bouquet is readymade to charm. Brighten up your room with the most realistic, romantic flowers that will never fade. A classic tea rose flower arrangement in a white ceramic pot presentation.

  • Size – 8 inches (20.5cm) by 8 inches (20.5cm)
  • Handmade and carefully crafted with an eye for detail
  • Clusters of garden-plucked colors on flowers real to the touch
  • Cut like real tea roses, with the lasting beauty of a masterpiece
  • Created from silk, plastic, rope, and ceramic

ArtiPlanto is North America’s top artificial plant design team. Every plant is carefully printed, painted, and shaped by hand. Bring elements of real and outdoors inside with a faux potted flower bouquet. Pick up yours today.

Why Are Tea Roses So Loved?

Tea roses are some of the most popular roses in the world. They’re widely considered the most beautiful, fragrant, romantic, and easy to care for. They’re bushy, colorful, and are also repeat bloomers throughout a growing season which provides a grower the chance to see the flowers come again and again.

How Do You Care for Tea Roses?

Tea roses are the most old-fashioned, classic roses but to achieve that look, they require very specific conditions. Light, type of soil, watering, fertilizing, and pruning are just a few of the necessities. A book could be written on the best way to care and grow tea roses. An artificial bouquet of tea roses fares far better, looking their best with no long-term care needed.

What is the Best Way to Create A Tea Rose Bouquet?

A tea rose bouquet is almost always an education in various shades of pink. These type of faux bouquet flower arrangements typically pull from light-to-dark pink, purple, whites, yellows, and often is packed in with gentle greens and natural-looking foliage.

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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    Aviva Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet 8''X8''
    Aviva Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet 8''X8'' Sale price$23.00 USD Regular price$38.00 USD









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