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Aloa Artificial Aloe Tree Potted Plant 20''

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See a high-quality replica aloe tree that comes spiky green, exotic, and friendly. Handpainted in true-to-life detail, this faux plant is perfect for display on a patio or deck as well as inside by a window. A beautiful, durable plant that you won’t need to water. The exquisiteness of an aloe tree!

  • Height – 2.2 ft (67cm)
  • Diameter – 20 inches (51cm)
  • Created with the most realistic-looking, premium-made materials
  • A plant that will last you year-round with no maintenance required
  • Tap into the aesthetic of one of the most revered plants in the world
  • A meditative, healing artificial plant

Spending time with your artificial aloe tree, you’ll forget there was ever a real thing. ArtiPlanto artificial plants add touches of nature to your space with none of the upkeep. Order yours today.

What Does An Aloe Tree Mean?

An aloe tree is one of Earth’s most ancient plants. It is referred to in writings going back hundreds of years, recognized for its medicinal properties. Capturing the essence of an aloe plant meant duplicate its beauty down to the finest detail. It’s true to the touch!

How Do I Take Care of My Aloe Tree?

A faux aloe tree takes zero maintenance. No water, no pruning, no feeding. This ArtiPlanto favourite will stay looking fantastic for many, many years to come. Aloe trees are featured commonly in vacation homes, offices, and homes where ongoing care is tough.

Where Do Aloe Trees Grow?

Aloe trees are known to grow in southern Africa in dry, deciduous forests. They can be grown elsewhere, however, it is much easier to handle and maintain them in a faux or artificial form. Instead of worrying about under- or over-watering, or how much sunlight it’s getting, buy an artificial aloe tree potted plant.

Compatible Planter sizes:

20 inches - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

Artiplanto aims to create the highest quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country. 

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ALOA Artificial Aloe Tree Potted Plant 20'' ArtiPlanto
Aloa Artificial Aloe Tree Potted Plant 20'' Sale price$68.00 USD Regular price$114.00 USD









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