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Alba Artificial Bird Nest Fern Potted Plant 5.2'

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Keep your plants green all year round! Capture the aesthetic of a healthy bird’s nest fern that’s near impossible to achieve indoors. A unique-looking fern, it comes Instagram-ready in its best design. Shape it according to how you see it in your space.

  • Height – 5.2 ft (160cm)
  • Diameter – 19.6 inches (50cm)
  • Silk-screened, cut and painted all by hand
  • Carefully-selected premium materials
  • Highly detailed spoon-shaped, apple-coloured fronds rising from rosettes
  • No upkeep needed
  • Made with real bark

Commit to your plant. At ArtiPlanto, you get the aesthetic of the living, the real thing in all of our artificial plants. No care is required. Fill your home with green! Order yours today.

How Big Does A Bird’s Nest Fern Get?

Though it takes years to grow in warm and humid climates, a bird’s nest fern grows to up to 5 feet high. Instead of gambling on the real thing and potentially seeing it fade, a faux bird’s nest fern always resembles its greatest self.

How Do You Take Care of a Bird’s Nest Fern?

A real bird’s nest fern requires very specific conditions to grow – no watering the middle of the plant or risk rotting it, for example. They are taken from rainforest conditions which means mimicking that same environment indoors is a must to maintain them. An artificial bird’s nest fern doesn’t need any of that, thankfully. They always look their best regardless of the humidity or temperature around them.

Why is my Bird’s Nest Fern Turning Brown?

Brown leaf tips on a bird’s nest fern is most likely from it being too dry. It’s so sad seeing a bird’s nest fern fade and die but it’s unfortunately very common amongst rainforest plants. This is perhaps why many will agree that an artificial bird’s nest fern is the better idea.

    Compatible Planter sizes:

    5.2 ft - Will fit in any of the planters that have an opening bigger than 6 inches (15CM)

    Artiplanto aims to create the highest-quality artificial botanicals in North America.  Trusted by top designers around the country.

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    Alba Artificial Bird Nest Fern Potted Plant 5.2' Sale price$148.00 USD Regular price$245.00 USD