Palm trees are loved and adored by so many of us here in North America. As difficult as they unfortunately are to grow, there’s still a way around that.

Artificial palm trees capture handcrafted detail that retains an authentic palm style. They look and feel just like the real thing, and even a professional gardener won’t be able to see a difference.

Buying a fake palm tree might not be your thing. We get it. If you really, really love palm trees, there might not seem like much reason to entertain purchasing an imitation. That said, here are a few reasons why we think fake is better than real – especially in this case.

They’re Difficult to Grow

If your palm tree is already grown, they’re relatively easy to maintain. If you’re growing a palm tree, however, good luck because it’s very, very hard. It needs a lot of water and sunlight to get started. On top of that, any variation outside of the normal temperatures could prove to be deadly.

Palm Trees Are Already Decorative

The whole purpose of a palm tree is entirely decorative. It really doesn’t serve any other purpose. Understandably, this begs the question, what’s so wrong with a fake palm tree that looks identical – the answer’s clear.

Arrange Them Anywhere

Palm trees aren’t always going to fit neatly into where you want them to be. Try it and you may find the real thing struggles to stay alive. A fake palm tree doesn’t have that trouble. You can station them wherever you see fit and in rows, columns, individually, or mix them in with other artificial or real plants. The possibilities are endless.

Artificial Palms Are Non-Toxic

If you have pets, you may be concerned that they could potentially eat the leaves. An artificial palm tree is completely non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about pets getting accidentally poisoned. 

Bring Your Palm Trees With You

If you are renting a property or plan to move within the next ten years, an artificial palm tree is easy to take with you. It doesn’t require any sort of care in digging up or in transportation. The job’s essentially already done for you.

A Fake Palm Tree is Eco-Friendly

A real palm tree barely produces oxygen, removes almost no ozone or carbon from the environment, and sucks up to 1,000 liters of water per day turning out virtually no resources other than their appearance. They even resist composting and biodegradation. The real thing is a nightmare in some areas. Comparatively, a faux palm tree isn’t so bad.

You Aren’t Making An Enemy of Anyone

Across the United States, several ecologists, landscapers, and city planners are actively campaigning to get rid of palm trees and they’re succeeding. Cities are coming on board with efforts to eliminate real palm trees because of their needless taking of valuable resources. Choosing a fake palm tree, rest assured that you are doing right by the environment.

Find beautifully-detailed, realistic-looking, premium-made artificial palm trees from ArtiPlanto. Join the fake plant revolution. Even if the world were to get rid of palm trees for due to the environmental and ecological waste they produce, fake palm trees will always be an in-demand plant. Find yours today.

andrew lu