Monstera plants are tall and tropical. Like palm trees yet so uniquely their own, you may have found Monstera plants featured in places on Instagram, Pinterest, or discussed by interior decorators, designers, and artificial plant experts.

Monsteras have a lot going for them. Their unique perforated leaves and vibrant greens make them a memorable tribute to the native jungles from which they are taken. They are having a cultural moment right now, featured in style magazines and seemingly all over the place.

Why are Monstera plants so popular – well, there’s a lot more to its lusciousness and beauty beyond the surface.

Searches for Exotic Plants

We are surrounded by the same plants on a daily basis in North America. When it comes to decorating our kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living decks, offices, and elsewhere, we want something unique. In terms of why the Terra Monstera is so popular, a lot of it has to do with its exoticness.

It’s Trending, Like A Snowball

Roll a snowball down any hill and it gathers weight by the inch. When something’s trending on social media, users are curious. They dig and they search and it keeps a topic trending. Unfortunately nothing to do with its looks or appeal, the Monstera is frequently mentioned because people like it and perceive it to be trendy. Simple as that.

An Interior Decorator’s Dream

Even with fake plants, an interior decorator is searching for options that will take up a certain amount of space. A Monstera is beautifully large and sits perfectly in almost any space, from offices to kitchens. The holes in the leaves are particularly visually attractive and rewarding to examine more closely.

It’s A Minimalist Plant

A ‘minimalist plant’ is one that is able to sit in an uncluttered space and make a statement. Monstera plants certainly do that. This is why it’s a common choice among Millennials. In minimalist-designed spaces, a Monstera can be placed and creates enough visual interest to justify its inclusion. It isn’t the sort of thing you want to put in a dark corner or windowsill. The average Monstera is a central focus.

A Monstera Plant is a Rock Star

Taking from our last point, the Monstera is a plant begging to be looked at. From the uncommon patterns in the leaves to its vivid green, it’s an eye-popping, Instagram-ready plant that works great in rooms everywhere. It’s sort of like its own artwork. If it’s an artificial Monstera, you have even more ability to customize its look by manipulating its shape. It’s truly an extraordinary faux plant.

They’re Easy to Care For

Though Monsteras inevitably will fade and dry up like any other plant, they are relatively easy to care for. It can stay living with indoor temperatures, indirect sunlight, and only requires water at least once a week. You can place it almost anywhere and have your Monstera live a long, beautiful life.

If caring for a real Monstera sounds unappealing, try an artificial Monstera from ArtiPlanto. Handcrafted and premium-made, these Monsteras are featured all over social media and are indistinguishable from the real thing. Capture all of its glorious aesthetic composition, knowing it will remain just as pretty in the future as it is the day it arrives to you. Shop it with ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu