Eco-friendly fake flowers have found their way into living rooms, offices, and events across the country.

For interior designers, decorators, and consumers passionate about faux plants, they might understandably pick up on the cost of fake flowers compared to real flowers. The difference between these numbers can sometimes be significant. Here’s why.

Flowers of Any Kind Will Increase Your Budget

Whether you’re decorating a room, adding to a garden, or preparing for a special event, greenery comes at a cost.

Real or fake, flowers and plants often end up costing a fair bit. That’s because a lot goes into either growing the real thing or alternatively, manufacturing the artificial counterpart.

Regardless of which option’s better for you, there are a lot of pros and cons to both.

Fake Flowers Last Forever While Real Ones Wilt and Fade

Any time choosing flowers, one has to consider their long-term value. If you’re only using a collection of flowers for a one-time event, it may not matter what they look like in a week. Decorating an office, however, is another story.

Real flowers start to fade awfully quick. In days, they can look like they’re already dying. It’s a gamble.

With artificial plants, you never have that same problem. An artificial flower comes dressed in its best appearance and it never does fade.

On top of that, a silk plant can be used again and again. Their ability as an eco-friendly reusable is a huge factor into why they are costlier than real plants. For example, one can take a fake flower out years from now and it will still look just as amazing as it does when you first bought it.

Quality Matters And the Best Artificial Flowers Are Premium

Dollar store-made fake plants aren’t worth much. They look ok at best. Dollar store artificial plants are usually made from very cheap materials. They don’t really represent what the market of artificial plants is.

Artificial plants have been around since the 1970s. Then, they looked terrible. Now, they take extensive labor and attention to detail to craft the most detailed, realistic-looking artificial greenery.

ArtiPlanto is one of the top silk plant brands in North America. High-quality artificial flowers are created from detailed designs. They are often handcrafted, manufactured from premium silk materials. They look more realistic than even the real thing does sometimes!

Easier to Care For and A More Reliable Look

Fake flowers are costly for a wide variety of other reasons.

  • They have no smell which means they aren’t going to cause allergies in affected individuals.
  • Fresh flowers require refrigeration and extensive care to look stunning and attractive. Artificial flowers don’t.
  • No watering, no special lighting conditions, no special type of soil, and no temperature monitoring required.

Interior decorators and event designers rely on artificial plants and fake flowers. They often contribute color, atmosphere, and the feel of a real-life green environment without any of the commitments of taking care of the authentic thing. ArtiPlanto takes fake flowers seriously. Our artificial plants are high-quality, suitable for luxurious occasions, and will last for lifetimes. Search your favourites today on the ArtiPlanto website.

andrew lu