Faux plants are very popular in interior design. As you might notice, they are found in just about every post on interior design accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. No matter if it’s decorating a backyard deck, a balcony, a front step, an entranceway, a kitchen, living room, guest bedroom, bathroom, or master bedroom, any of these situations can benefit from the placement of an artificial plant.

Connecting directly with an interior designer, they will tell you first-hand about the benefits of artificial plants.

No TLC, No Watering

Fake plants don’t need any maintenance. This takes away hours that would otherwise be dedicated to taking care of plants. As an interior designer, this frees you up to focus on more important matters.

High-Quality Material

Premium faux plants are made from top-quality material, sure to last in a way that fake plant plastics of decades ago didn’t.

The Wire Inside

A lot of fake greenery has wires inside that allow a home decorator to shape and reshape the plants to match the silhouette they want. This can help switch things up inside a space if your artificial plant appears dated.

They Last A Long Time

The best faux plants last decades. You don’t have to do anything special, either. They are handcrafted from the best in available materials and designed to be able to withstand the passing years with ease. 

Any Room, Any Time

No matter what type of artificial plant you have, you can essentially use them in any room. As a decorator, you can also reuse them again and again, or remove them and put your plant in storage, or move it to a new room when redecorating.

They Fit Into Any Planter

Planters. Baskets. Hanging planters. Vases. A faux plant can go anywhere. You don’t need any drainage in the bottom of the planter and the plant doesn’t need any sun exposure. This really expands what’s possible with plants in the decor sense.

Have Any Plant

A lot of plants evidently cannot grow in certain regions. If it’s artificial though, you don’t have to worry about a plant not looking its best or struggling to make it through a different climate. Tropical, African, and desert plants are all particularly popular among home decorators and interior designers.

They Come In All Sizes

There are plants that can be put into a planter of a few inches and set on a bookshelf as a supportive décor element. Then, there are large 10” artificial trees that can swallow an entranceway in all the best ways. You have such a wide range to play with.

They Look Real

The visual of a premium faux plant is promising. From sites like Artiplanto.com, you can have a handcrafted, extensively detailed artificial plant that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. The appearance also doesn’t change over time. Like other décor, you can bask in its liveliness seemingly in perpetuity.

These are just some of the reasons why interior designers return time and time again to buy fake plants online at Artiplanto.com. Here, you can shop fake flowers, greenery, hanging plants, tabletop plants, artificial trees, and plenty more. Have beautiful arrangements of faux greens, shaped and decorated just how you like it. Bookmark us for your next interior design project.

Andrew Lu