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Article: What It’s Like To Use Faux Plants For Real Estate Staging

What It’s Like To Use Faux Plants For Real Estate Staging

What It’s Like To Use Faux Plants For Real Estate Staging

A realtor or someone selling their home stand a better chance at making a quick sale and at getting a better offer when they stage their property.

‘Staging’ is to arrange furniture and décor in a way that presents a lived-in, neutral look that one might see walking through an IKEA, at a real estate-related trade show, or similar settings. It’s allowing a potential buyer to see themselves living in that space.

A strong trend in real estate staging right now is faux plants.

Why Artificial Plants Work So Well

Faux plants – aka fake plants, silk plants, or artificial plants – are a great accessory to any real estate staging. They aren’t real so you circumvent a lot of the trouble of real plants, i.e. temperature, watering, bugs, toxic to pets and young children, etc. You still get the liveliness of real plants with it as well.

What Faux Plant Looks The Most Realistic in Staging?

To fool a botanist, a gardener, a plant-lover, or any admirer of plants into thinking what’s fake is real, you will want to avoid any sort of gimmicky appearance. Rain droplets, for example, are problematic when trying to make a plant feel real. If it has a real glossy or plastic look, that’s something to be avoided as well.

What Kind Of Planter And Baskets To Use For Real Estate Staging

Your plant – real or faux – sits in a planter. That planter should be fairly minimalist and neutral, matching your other décor in a real estate staging space. As important as it is to buy the best artificial plants, the planter can count for just as much. Fill it with dirt. Present it like a real plant. That’s how you style any faux plant for home décor.

Where Do I Put A Fake Plant When I Am Real Estate Staging?

Where you put a fake plant can vary. You never want it in the way – that’s the rule. This is why premium artificial plants from IKEA and other brands often get pushed into corners, to the background, and off to the side. They’re there to contribute visually but are never something someone has to step around or will accidentally bump into.

What Kind Of Artificial Plant Works Best In Real Estate Staging?

There is no set rule with what is the best artificial plant for staging. You don’t want to go with anything overly exotic. The most popular faux plants for real estate staging include, but aren’t limited to, succulents, ferns, palm trees, Bird of Paradise, Monstera, banana leaf plants, snake plants, fiddle leaf fig plants, and others.

How Do I Make A Faux Plant Look Real?

To make a faux plant look real, it doesn’t take much. If you have bought your fake plant from a premium source such as Artiplanto, you’ve already done a lot of the work. They’ll provide something that’s extensively detailed, crafted by hand, and capturing all the texture, color, and detail of real plants.

From there, all you have to do is put it in a planter and give it a shape to create the appearance of a lively plant.

Shop premium fake plants with the potential to nab you your best real estate offer from See why more realtors and real estate sellers are using faux plants to help communicate a trendy, neutral living space.

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