Something as simple as having a faux plant in an office can boost productivity, help mood, and inspire creative solutions. Multiple research studies show the power of plants as it pertains to incorporating them into décor. As it turns out, artificial plants produce identical effects as real plants, making them all the more preferred when it comes to buying a faux office plant online. Here are a few places you can look to, with the best deals on faux plants. 


There are dozens of places to buy artificial plants for offices online. Lowe’s offers several fairly decent-quality fake plants with a lot of potential that, when styled right, can boost up your corporate office’s look.


Amazon gets high marks in terms of variety. In that though, the quality really does vary. This is not the sort of marketplace you go to when buying premium faux plants. That said, you can find almost any plant imaginable on Amazon, including some rarer designs that aren’t available elsewhere.


Bouclair is a convenient place to buy an office plant. They offer lots of fake plants that look real. That said, there are lots of similar offerings available at similar home décor stores. If you want greenery that’s more thoughtful and attractive, try to find a brand that specializes in artificial plants.


Nowhere offers a more accurate faux plant than the premium real-looking artificial plants of Artiplanto. Ditch the generics and shop somewhere that actually makes their money in selling plants.

Artiplanto also offer lots of cute, trendy planters, linen and wool rugs, and other complementary home décor to match your favorite plant.


Target and Walmart sort of go hand-in-hand. Why Target’s on this list and Walmart isn’t is that Target’s artificial plants are a little better made. At least, that’s the feeling among many interior designers and home/office decorators who use them.

Some do prefer Walmart as well. Both brands recreate the look of real plants and do so fairly cheaply.


Afloral is another brand that specializes in faux plants, like Artiplanto. When picking a fake plant for your office, you want to know beforehand what size you’re looking for and where it’s going. This will help narrow down such a wide selection to the plants that are actually eligible for your décor. 

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural is one of several brands that have helped reinvent the artificial plant space. You don’t want to be buying office décor that you have to maintain and lose productivity to. A premium plant from Nearly Natural’s biggest threat is dust. Even there, a quick wipe is all you’ll have to do to get rid of it.

Home Depot

Hardware stores like Home Depot and others are a great resource for artificial plants. Cared for well, they’ll last forever. You won’t have to worry about plants dying, overgrowing their space, and/or attracting bugs into your office. They are also very accessible to offices. If you already purchase stuff through Home Depot, it can be easy to simply tack on a fake plant to an existing order.

There are so many places to go shopping for artificial plants for offices. If you’re serious about aesthetic and décor though, one name wins. That’s Artiplanto. For faux plants, trees, flowers, greenery, office décor, and more, check out today.

Andrew Lu