Cacti and succulents are cute, trendy, small, and condo-ready. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, a home office, or wherever, artificial succulents are trending in a big way. They add vibrancy, brightness, and grace in a very understated way.

If this is your first time trying to figure out where to put an artificial succulent in home décor, it’s easy. We are firm believers that wherever you put your succulent, it’s going to shine. Also, an artificial succulent won’t struggle if it’s somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. So if you figure out a place for yours, you aren’t necessarily negotiating how to provide it the stuff a succulent needs to survive.

Here are some common ways to set up an artificial succulent in your home décor.

Small Planter

When in doubt, just put your succulent in a cute trendy planter and that’s that. A planter can be moved anywhere.

Space Them Apart

If you have multiple succulents, you can sometimes keep them in pairs or put them in different rooms. Though a lot of greenery fits well together, faux succulents don’t. When they’re set in individual planters, it can look overwhelming having a cluster together.

Duplicate Its Prickly Pattern With A Rug

Sometimes a succulent isn’t the talking point. It’s a supporting player in a home décor scheme. Combining the general feel of a succulent with stylish patterns such as that in a linen area rug works. You can also look to throws, pillow covers, and similar items to duplicate its prickly faux succulent shape.

Turn Them Into Wall Art

An alternative is to get your fake succulents off the floor, up off any tabletop, and mount them horizontally to your wall. Artificial plant wall art is growing more popular and is a direct way to represent greenery in the home. If flipping the plant on its side is too much, mounting a shelf or utilizing a mounted planter also works.

Accent On An Accent Table

If you have an accent table in your living room, this is a great spot for a little succulent tucked inside a stylish planter. You can blend it in with other home décor and have it look very organic.

Large Succulents

Succulents aren’t just small. There are some as big as three feet high and above. Large artificial succulents in a freestanding planter work will beside a chair, in the corner of the room, by an entranceway, and elsewhere.

Mix Them With Other Plants

You might also choose to mix your succulents with real plants, other lush greenery, or any other favorite artificial plants. Succulents are quite diverse and can blend in with all sorts of foliage, greenery, and natural materials if you let it.

Hanging Terrariums

A hanging terrarium suspends your succulent in air, hung down from a ceiling hook. It looks very eclectic and is a little different, and can be combined with other hanging elements for a style that’s off-the-beaten-path.

You can put a fake succulent anywhere. No darkness or lack of water is going to stop a faux succulent from looking impactful. Shop all sorts of cacti, succulents, artificial plants, and faux greenery at today. Blend them in together, use them separately, or gorgeously integrate them into your existing décor. There are endless arrangements of expressive and charming succulents and faux plants out there. Guide by your own creativity!
Andrew Lu