How Can I Make The Most Of My Condo Balcony With Fake Plants – See Here!

A condo balcony is a major décor opportunity and there’s no more relied upon furniture or balcony décor item – above a seat and a table – than having a plant.

Plants, real or fake, are like an introduction to the outdoors. They are an excellent way to mark transitioning from inside to out. The right artificial plants can also help with cancelling out noise, creating some more privacy, and all in all help with the intimate nature of this space.

If you live in a condo or apartment and have a balcony, here is how you can get the most from it with a fake plant.

Try A Tabletop Plant

A small tabletop plant on a side table might be all you want. That’s ok. That’s a great condo balcony décor choice and it can bring a little greenery into what’s often a very small space.

Keep Your Plant Out Of View

With any condo balcony décor, you don’t want to block the view. This is why all your décor, furniture, and everything else is either going to be up against the building or the sides of the barrier. You do not want anything obstructing the perspective you have looking out to the scenery beneath and in front of you.

Heavy Cement Planter

The type of fake plant basket, vase, or planter you choose is important. You want a planter equipped with enough weight to properly hold your plant in place no matter the rain, wind, and conditions. A free standing cement planter is the most popular choice for faux condo balcony plants.

Small Corner Shelf

You don’t have a lot of space to waste on a balcony. None at all. A storage shelf creates a presentation area for artificial plants. It uses up vertical space that might go unused.

Put Yours On An Area Rug

The concrete of a condo balcony can feel very industrial, cold, bare, and unappealing. An outdoor balcony wool rug or linen rug is a highly stylish way to amp up this area and make it trendy.

Avoid A Plant Getting In The Way

Keep things simple. Plants should never feel like they’re in the way. You don’t want to put them near the doorway. Flush with the wall is the best practice if they are in a freestanding planter. Another important thing to remember is safety. If there’s a BBQ or candle lit, don’t have any greenery within arm’s reach.

Hug A Condo Balcony Wall

A freestanding condo balcony planter hugging one of the sides of your balcony is one of the safest places for you to put a cluster of greenery. You can set your best artificial plants for a balcony here and admire them from where you sit whenever you like.

Be Conscious Of How They’re Lit

Lighting is a beautiful addition to a condo balcony. LED string lights are the most affordable way to decorate. Hanging them in or around artificial plants creates interesting shadows and a presence that isn’t natural to a condo balcony’s cement design. This can really humanize the balcony.

With faux plants, you find a lot of calm, balance, and harmony. This is a sure way to help relax this space and personalize it to you. Find faux greenery, fake plants, artificial flowers, and other accessories at today.

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