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Article: Where Can You Buy The Best Faux Olive Tree?

Where Can You Buy The Best Faux Olive Tree?

Where Can You Buy The Best Faux Olive Tree?

One of the easiest decisions you will ever make is choosing a faux olive tree for your décor aesthetic. They make up some of the best artificial plants, detailed and realistic, and often handmade through premium faux plant sources such as If you aren’t sure what artificial plant is best for your home, an olive tree will certainly make for a simple and elegant addition.


If you really want to liven up your home design though, you don’t want your olive tree to look cheap, plastic, and fake. It’s all in where you buy artificial plants from. If you rely on a general merchandiser, such as Walmart or IKEA, you’re going to get a very general-looking plant. It resembles the real thing somewhat but doesn’t quite capture the detail. Anyone familiar with plants will immediately be able to identify what you have as fake.


Where you need to look are with premium faux plants. ‘Premium’ is the word. A premium faux plant has gone the extra mile to maximize realism through hand-painted detail duplicating the real thing.


Here is what you need to know about buying fake olive trees and artificial plants in a general sense.


What Do I Look For In A Faux Olive Tree?


Look for a faux olive tree that doesn’t look fake. That’s your only rule when shopping for artificial plants.


There are a number of high-quality faux olive trees that are very life-life and hard to distinguish from their real counterpart. If you aren’t sure about a specific fake plant or tree, an excellent reference will be the online reviews left by past customers.


Another guiding consideration will be the size of a fake olive tree. They can be very small and tabletop-sized. They can also extend up to eight feet high and sometimes above that. Measure where you intend to place your artificial tree before you buy yours. That’s a must!


How Do You Take Care Of A Faux Olive Tree?


A fake olive tree requires no additional care or maintenance to stay looking its best for years. Dusting may be recommended, depending on how old your home is, but there isn’t any more maintenance that’s needed.


As an artificial tree is not organic, you do not need to worry about it dying. It doesn’t attract insects, bugs, or pests. It’s also pet-safe and non-toxic, unlike some real plants which can be poisonous when ingested.


The best thing you can do to take care of your artificial olive tree is to rotate it seasonally. This will create a refreshed look to the plant. Another way to do this is by reshaping the branches on occasion.


Where Can I Buy A Faux Olive Tree Online?


Where you’re going to find the best deals on artificial plants is online. Specialty sites like are your best bet at finding popular, trendy faux olive trees. Rest assured that you won’t have any trouble convincing guests that it’s a real olive tree.


Shop high-quality, premium artificial plants – including the best faux olive trees of 2022 – at Add this faux tree artfully into your home décor to have the look of lively greenery without any of the responsibility.

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