A premium fake plant in your living quarters has the potential to liven it up and adds a bright trendy home décor element into the mix.


Being artificial, you can treat your faux plant like any other home décor element. There’s no upkeep and no maintenance. There’s no way you can kill a high-quality fake plant. Join the hundreds of thousands of homes across the country who already own an artificial plant.


Here are 9 essential artificial plants that are a great choice for any deck, patio, windowsill, or freestanding planter.


Fake Monstera Plant


A lot of people fall head over heels in love with the look of the faux Monstera plant. Though a Monstera that’s real can be difficult to manage over the years, a premium fake Monstera is available in all sizes and will never wilt.


Fake Draecena Tree Plant


A fake Draecena tree plant can make a big impact in any room it’s in. It’s a bit different from what your usual faux plant is but its unique textured aesthetic is what makes the Draecena so appealing to home offices and creative thinkers.


Fake Fern Plant


A faux fern plant is one of home designers’ favorite artificial plants. They’re small and are easily placed on any side table, windowsill, shelf, or as a centerpiece on a coffee table.


Fake Fiddle Leaf Plant


If you’re interested in upgrading your room with a home décor faux plant pick but aren’t sure which to buy, an artificial fiddle leaf plant is your go-to. It’s a very adaptable free-flowing green plant that can be shaped according to the space it fits.


Fake Travellers Palm Tree Plant


As professional faux plant designers and home décor experts ourselves, we love this artificial travellers palm tree plant. It’s an underrated plant, easy to shape and reshape as you like, and is ultra-realistic no matter where it’s placed.


Fake Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


A fake palm tree plant, like the Hawaii Kwai palm tree, is a savvy choice for someone wanting a summer-like vibe year-round. This is a really majestic palm tree plant that will live on for years, spending its days making your environment more fun.


Fake Korea Bamboo Plant


Transform your home with a light-on-the-eyes fake Korea bamboo plant. With no effort required maintaining it, once your bamboo plant is set in its planter and shaped, you can step back and see its beauty up close.


Fake Bird of Paradise Plant


A fake Bird of Paradise plant is not to be ignored. They can vary in size, shape, and design but consistently offer a very tropical and warm feel. A Bird of Paradise suits a wide range of décor styles.


Fake Century Potted Plant


The pointy spikes on every leaf of this artificial century potted plant give it a very unique and dry look. For people who are consistently relying on creative energy to flow out and into their environment, a century potted plant can help get you started. It’s also a perfect home office addition.


There’s a plant out there for everyone. These are just 9 of our must-have faux plants. Check out more at Artiplanto.com.

Pedro Capitao de Salles