Where Can I Buy A Realistic Premium Silk Fern Plant?

Ferns are easy to grow in some areas but elsewhere, it can be a real struggle trying to make it work. Even a minimal draft, air that’s too dry, and/or extreme temperatures can kill a fern slowly over time. A very hot period in the summer or a very cold period during winter is a threat to a premium fern plant. With a premium faux fern plant though, that’s not the case. This is why millennials, young professionals, and people who aren’t interested in caring for plants go with artificial and silk plants.

Cheap V. Premium In The Silk Plant World

A realistic silk plant is not hard to find through online stores like Artiplanto.com. At Walmart, Amazon, Target, IKEA, or Wayfair, it can be though. That boils down to the difference between cheap fake plants and premium silk plants.

A cheap artificial plant is usually made by machines. It’s mass-produced. It uses cheap, non-environmentally friendly materials.

In time, you see the difference. You’ll start to see where the detail isn’t real and where the plant just isn’t working, anymore. It might not be apparent on a Walmart shelf but a month later, sitting on your countertop, sadly, things can start to look uninteresting and sad.

When it comes to premium silk plants for sale, these are made a little different. The material’s better. They can be handmade, handcrafted, or hand-painted. A lot of realistic detail is captured in premium faux plants that you don’t get with cheaper plants because those producers can’t afford to dedicate the time to it.

When the goal is realism, long-term, it is worth investing in a premium silk fern plant. There is no comparison. A skilled eye can tell the difference instantly between cheap and premium in the world of plants.

What Makes A Realistic Fern Plant?

A realistic fern plant has the detail in the fronds and is shaped to look exactly how a real fern would look.

If you are looking through the pages of artificial plants brands, look for a fern that’s hand-painted. This will mean that an artist looked over the plant and painted on the detail that you now see before you.

A fern plant can be quite bushy and, in some pictures, may look like the leaves are hanging over like hair. To have this effect, you’ll have to shape the plant by hand when you unbox it and pot the plant. As you do this, if you’re looking for inspiration, there are plenty of real fern photos on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Use these as a guide in how to style the leaves and stems.

A lot of realism in a faux plant is how you shape it and so be sure to take a step back and carefully examine your creation. It may need some adjusting to get it right. That’s natural. Do what feels right to you.

The best place to buy ferns online is through brands like Artiplanto.com. All ferns are carefully hand-painted and look exceptional when compared to faker-looking ferns. High-quality silk fern plants from Artiplanto.com are regularly regarded as some of the most real faux plants in the world. Visit Artiplanto.com today and buy one as a houseplant for your property to see exactly why.

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