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Article: What to Fill Fake Plant Pots With

What to Fill Fake Plant Pots With

What to Fill Fake Plant Pots With

A really fun aspect of buying new fake plants is potting and repotting them. You can spruce up the look of any silk plant or faux greenery by reforming the leaves and redressing them in a premium plant-ready pot, container, or planter.

A common question newcomers to faux plants have is what to fill fake plant pots with. After all, the faux greenery isn’t growing so nutritious soil is not needed. At the same time, artificial plants are often made to represent something real so adding soil is definitely something to do. There could also be weight issues, such as large artificial trees toppling over in the wind or being accidentally knocked over.

The planter you choose matters and what you put in it absolutely matters.

What You Can Use As A Planter

The glorious thing about silk plants is that they don’t need anything special, from a functional standpoint. You can use an official premium faux plant planter or a plastic bin, discarded container, old bottles, or anything. The style might suffer but the plant won’t.

Why To Buy A Real Planter For Your Faux Greenery

Why we always say to buy a planter online with your artificial plant is because an authentically designed planter looks far, far better than anything else. You can find some really cute, trendy designs in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

What You Can Fill Your Fake Plant Pot With

A fake plant pot can be filled with more or less anything you like. Here are some suggestions that work well, particularly for their weight.

  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Decorative slate
  • Stones
  • Bark
  • Wood chips
  • Broken smooth glass
  • Crystals
  • Rocks

  • How To Put Your Silk Plant In A Planter

    To repot a faux plant, all you need is a planter larger than your starter pot. Here is your step-by-step guide on what to do next.

    • If your planter is deep, prefill it up to about the halfway mark.

    • Put your artificial plant in the middle of the plant. You do not need to take it out of the starter pot.

    • Adjust where the artificial plant is at height-wise to make sure you have the height and aesthetic you want.

    • Start to fill the area around the starter pot with your fill, eventually filling the planter up to the top.

    • After the planter is filled, you can add trendy decorative topping, such as stone, bark, moss, or similar materials.

    How To Choose The Right Fake Plant Pot Fill

    The right filler material depends on your personal preferences. You may value the feel and decorative look of certain materials and value them over others. Certain fills may look more natural next to where the plant is to be located.

    You will also want to consider clean-ups. If you use mud and put your faux greenery outdoors, particulars of climate, temperature, and rain could create a small mess in and around your planter. Comparatively, a surface cover of rocks can prevent that sort of mess.

    What to fill your fake plant pot with is up to you and can be any number of things. Consider aesthetics, realism, and, of course, your personal preferences. Shop faux plants, silk plants, and planters of all shapes and sizes at today.

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