If you have a green thumb, you’re probably pretty excited about the warm weeks coming just around the corner.

To this point, it’s not just about finding the right flowers, plants, and greenery for your garden. Planters matter just as well. In fact, the best planters can be even more important to the presentation of a garden.

Decoration And Function in A Planter

A planter is a home décor item but it’s also functional. Things like size, material, and drainage dictate how a plant survives and grows. When selecting a planter, focus on function first. This disqualifies any planters that automatically won’t work for your home or office.

Drainage And Moisture Concerns

Some materials like terracotta are porous, allowing water to pass through the walls and which prevents root rot. Drainage holes can be helpful, as can self-watering planters under certain conditions.

Multiple Planters or A Single Pot/Planter

Something else to look at is what you’re planting. You may want multiple planters or to cluster plants together in a single pot or container. There are advantages to both approaches. For artificial plants, succulents, and easy-to-care-for plants, clustering them together in a planter shouldn’t be a cause for concern. More sensitive greenery, however, may need its own container.

Weight Of A Planter

Plastic planters are cheap and effective in most cases but a healthy gust of wind can topple them. Comparatively, cement planters and brass planters are a little heavier which many appreciate. If you intend to keep things lightweight and portable, especially with large trees or greenery, keep in mind weight.

Wear-And-Tear on A Planter

Some planters’ material means that it may fade or deform slightly over time. Especially when outdoors, the elements can wear down on a planter. Be sure to consider different materials, i.e. cement, brass, natural, etc. in accordance with the conditions you’re placing your planter in.

Aesthetics Matter

There are a lot of trendy planters in 2021 that lean on a variety of styles. You may want a look that’s distressed, a glossy brass, made from natural materials, or crafted from cement. A mix of material and design guides the appearance of a planter which can be central to having the garden you want.

Size of A Planter

Pots and planters vary in size. Small-to-medium-sized plants can look awkward when positioned inside a large planter. Subsequently, a large plant – even a large artificial plant – likely won’t fit visually exceptionally well in a planter that is overly small.

Relationship Between Plant And Planter

There is a relationship between plant and planter. From shape and texture to color and form, a plant sets out a certain visual narrative that should be complemented with the planter. Some interior designers, décor experts, and homeowners believe this relationship to be the most important factor in selecting the best planter for a flower, plant, greenery, or indoor garden.

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