Faux plants are used indoors and outdoors in all sorts of ways. Faux flowers. Artificial boxwood topiary plants. Tabletop plants. Artificial wreaths. Tabletop plants. And so much more! Arrangements of plants contribute color, vibrancy, and visual energy.

There are many occasions where interior designers and decorators will use fake plants for atmosphere.


Weddings are a high-demand time for faux flower arrangements and artificial plants.

Trying to maintain real plants are a challenge. If they aren’t looking their best, that’s money wasted! Fake plants and artificial flower arrangements provide certainty in look, feel, and investment.

Any wedding décor company and/or wedding decorator can reuse these artificial plants repeatedly across multiple weddings as needed. If you are a marrying couple organizing your own wedding, you can also take home whatever fake plant arrangement you’ve made and have your artificial wedding plants with you forever.

Family Gatherings

Family gatherings include birth celebrations and christenings, welcome home parties, graduations, funerals, and vacation events.

The right combination of faux plants can replicate a range of themes, from romantic to professional, light to dark, and tropical to desert. The authentic look and feel of artificial plants supports modern occasions without the risk of a flower, tree, or plant wilting and looking undesirable.

Birthday Events

Birthday events are a beautiful time to share in the delight of faux plants. Birthdays are personalized to the person, without exception. Do they have a favourite artificial plant, tree, or flower – tap into that!

There are a full range of artificial plants for birthday gifts that also work, should you choose to pursue that presentation.

Corporate Events

The exact style of how to design and decorate corporate events varies by the occasion. Corporate events are a common setting to set up large faux plants, faux trees, and flower arrangements.

In an effort to save on cost and maximize budget, decorators avoid the need to support the biology of a living plant and instead go with something that’s more easily manageable. A scattering of artificial plants across a corporate event is a fun way to tie a theme together.

Office Design

The making of a new office can involve differentiating between different rooms, i.e. employee desks, an executive or management-level room, a meeting room, and a waiting room. Fake plants in an office are a very familiar choice.

Real plants are expensive and never last as long as you want them to. Choose faux plants for offices to have décor that’s permanent.

Lawn Parties

Lawn parties can refer to social gatherings, family reunions, a neighborhood BBQ, or similar gatherings that occur outdoors.

Lawn parties are a fine time to take out outdoor faux flowers, artificial palm trees and other summertime favourites, and hanging plants. Modeled after tropical plants and greenery that doesn’t naturally grow in North America, artificial plants are a fine addition to this environment.

Real Estate Staging

Real estate staging is something done in both residential and commercial real estate. A decorator’s goal in this context is to showcase the appeal of a space that appears stylish and lived-in.

A savvy blend of artificial plants can prove to be an effective inclusion in a staged room or commercial development. From hanging faux plants to flower boxes, plant displays, and decorative planters, there’s a lot to play with.

Find hundreds of fake plants and home décor ideas for artificial plants at ArtiPlanto. Make your home, office, or event look persuasive, trendy, and themed. Hang onto this greenery or arrangement afterward, reusing it or keeping it as a memory. Visit ArtiPlanto today to see everything that’s possible.
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