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Article: What You Need to Know About Putting Fake Flowers Outdoors

What You Need to Know About Putting Fake Flowers Outdoors

What You Need to Know About Putting Fake Flowers Outdoors

Artificial flowers are very pretty. When they’re done well, they look as close to the real thing as you’re going to get without planting a seed. A big question a lot of interior designers and home decorators come to is whether fake flowers can be put outside.

The answer is yes but actually, some precautions may have to be taken. It can depend on the flower. Here is what we mean.

Can You Put Fake Flowers Outside?

Yes, you can put fake flowers outside. You can scatter them in your backyard, plant them in a garden, or keep them out on the patio. For the most part, they should be fine. That said, their durability may pose an issue.

A cheap artificial flower is not necessarily going to be able to tolerate the UV rays of the sun. Having UV-protected material for a silk plant isn’t a must, however, not having it increases the possibility of damage over time.

What Will Happen To Fake Flowers Outdoors?

A fake flower garden outside should be able to tolerate a lot. Fresh air won’t hurt it. That said, some recommend bringing flowers indoors if you are not using them. Pests and weather are a minimal risk but still a risk.

If you bring a faux plant inside, you certainly won’t encounter the same risks and won’t face the same onslaught of UV rays throughout the summer.

Should I Bring Fake Flowers In For Winter?

The winter season can be so unpredictable. If you are even remotely concerned your artificial flowers and other greenery outside could be injured from a storm, the weight of snow, or the freezing of ice, bring it in.

Leaving a plant or faux flower outdoors during winter is perfectly alright, however, from temperature changes to climate issues, the risk of damage does increase.

Where Can You Buy The Best Faux Plants For Outside Online?

The quality of plant you buy matters. A premium artificial plant is going to serve you far longer compared to something cheap. Fortunately, you can buy plants online in lots of locations, including Artiplanto who specialize in fake flowers as well as more general locations, i.e. IKEA, Amazon, and the like.

You are more likely to get a good quality faux plant online than you will trying to shop in-person.

What Are the Best Fake Flowers For Outside?

So long as the fake flowers are made with good-quality materials, there isn’t really any other recommendation as it relates to what flowers work best outside. You may choose to buy prearranged bouquets. These are the most popular option with artificial flowers. There are also individual faux flowers you can buy and create your own bouquets.

Add to the mix the list of planters, wreaths, and ways to separate and/or shape your artificial greenery and the possibilities are limitless as to what you can do with fake flowers. It’s all up to the imagination.

This season, buy fake flowers online from the best in artificial plants, greenery, and flowers at

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