The art of feng shui has long been an influence in home décor and interior design. Energy movement in the home is a key component of decorating, employing elements, shapes, and colors to guide and form energy. Ultimately, the philosophy of feng shui is about using corresponding elements to craft balance. Done right, it optimizes growth and harmony.

How Do You Do Feng Shui in Home Décor?

Feng shui in home décor has lots of rules. You are largely dealing in 5 elements to start – fire, earth, wood, metal, and water. Each of these elements has assigned colors. It is fairly easy to understand what colors goes to what element. Fire colors are bright. Earth colors are muted, oftentimes neutral. Metals are more silver, grey, and black. Water are lots of blues. Lastly, wood is lots of browns and greens, colors you’d find in the forest.

Beyond the significance of these colors and the elements, you also can manipulate their directional pull. Here is a rough outline of what direction pulls what energy.

  • North – Career.
  • Northeast – Spiritual Growth.
  • East – Health.
  • Southeast – Money.
  • South – Fame.
  • Southwest – Love and marriage.
  • West – Creativity.
  • Northwest – Helpful people.

When buying an area rug and you want to do it according to feng shui, weigh the following elements.

Feng Shui Fire Meaning

An area rug that is feng shui fire will be orange, red, and very lively and colorful. It increases passions and energy. They can get quite bold, however, there are also more faded reds and antique area rugs that come in a style that look very beautiful and which would be in line with achieving a ‘fire’ effect.

Feng Shui Water Meaning

Water is fairly straightforward in its look and design. A feng shui area rug designed to represent water is targeted heavily towards money flow and energy flow. The beauty about the color ‘blue’ is that it can quite easily become very dramatic with dark, deep saturation or be very subtle. Ultimately, one has to work to find the right balance working within the framework of the other colors in the room.

Feng Shui Earth Meaning

When you talk about feng shui earth meaning, it’s all about browns, tans, beige, and muted shades. These bring security, support, strength, and safety. Muted color area rugs in feng shui earth-style are very popular. Like the other feng shui rug types, you can also choose something darker or go much, much lighter. There are also lots of patterns, faded and textured, to enjoy within the framework of earth.

Feng Shui Wood Meaning

Wood is not that different from earth. Wood is very green, however. It is more for enhancing creativity, inspiring, and motivating. Wood and green carpets and rugs are not often chosen in North America but tend to be very common elsewhere in the world.

Feng Shui Metal Meaning

Metallics channel energies, stimulate thinking, and clears focus. These feng shui rugs come in silvers, grays, and some whites. 

Feng shui for rugs is about finding that balance. There are lots of ways to do that and ultimately, you’ve got to find what works for you and your home. At start your feng shui journey and shop premium-grade linen and wool rugs today.
Andrew Lu