When buying your first rug, it’s common to settle for what’s in front of you at a given moment.

You may walk down the aisle at a local retailer, select something that sort of fits, and then try to make the rug work within the context of what’s already in the room.

This isn’t exactly the right approach. A rug isn’t just something to get walked on. It’s art. It’s a definitive piece of home décor to a lot of interior design themes. Buying a rug is also a personal decision. It’s not the sort of thing you should just settle for.

Do Your Research

It might take a little while to find a rug that speaks to you but a rug should. Rugs are a vast category. There are all sorts of rugs, in every color or shape imaginable. Culture, history, and material choice all influence the quality of a rug.

The price tag of a rug might turn you off as well but counterbalance this by considering the material. Linen rugs are great quality. Wool is another excellent quality material. These aren’t cheap but they last.

Buying Rugs Online

Shopping for rugs online is much easier than shopping for a lot of things. You don’t need to try it on. If you know the material and the size, and you have the visual design on the screen, everything’s there.

Before you go shopping for a linen or wool rug, think about where you intend to put it. Measure this area. Have that as a guide in your choice. The biggest disappointment that come with purchasing a rug online is they aren’t the right size. If you know what size you need, you are eliminating this risk.

When You Get Your Rug At Home

What you can expect when laying down your rug after it’s received is a change in the room atmosphere.

You’re infusing the room with a colorful expression, just like artwork mounted on a wall. A rug interacts with what’s around it. It enhances the living space. The shapes and/or movement naturally etched into the rug has great impact on how a room feels. 

Why Rugs Resonate

Some say, upon seeing a rug and having it in their hands for the first time, there’s an almost vibrational response.

The more premium rugs in home décor have a presence. Carpets and rugs that have been handwoven, made from the right materials, and which have a little age to them are beautiful pieces of expression. This isn’t lost on anyone, especially once you see them in-person.

A rug can be put into storage one day or it can be passed down from you to a friend or family member.

It’s a décor choice that has the potential to last decades if treated right. A rug is a representation of taste, your visual eye, and is a choice that will always trace itself back to you. Choosing a rug is an important decision. Find a rug that adds to your home and which you feel glad to have in your possession, no matter where you’re living. Find yours today at ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu