Artificial boxwood foliage is a preferred horticultural selection for outdoor gardens and landscapers. Boxwood foliage is large, expressive, and shapely. Though the real thing can be maintenance-heavy, fake boxwood topiaries are easy to care for and establish the same greenery-infused beauty we come to expect.

Why Choose A Faux Boxwood Topiary

There has long been a fascination with boxwood topiary plants for the outdoors. The real plant is tropical and subtropical, and was originally brought to North America with explorers in the 1600s. In the past century, they’ve become the go-to for landscaping plants. The faux variety is advantageous for a number of reasons.

Set up your artificial boxwood topiary where you like and they will always look exceptional. Boxwood topiaries that aren’t real require minimal TLC. You don’t need to worry about sun, temperature, or whether they’re surviving the season. They also don’t need any watering or trimming.

Boxwood topiaries can be shaped, cut, and pruned to any of various shapes. With an artificial boxwood topiary, the work is already done. It’s already shaped. Place it and that’s it! It will brighten up every day.

What Fake Boxwood Topiary is Best For Your Backyard

You have a few choices in artificial boxwood topiary for landscaping, such as artificial spiral boxwood topiary plants and faux boxwood topiary balls.

These and other boxwood topiary shapes work well for both formal and informal events and backyard design.

Theme out your backyard landscape. Think of what shapes work best. Spirals emphasize height and movement. Topiary balls take up space and can fill in larger backyards with greenery. Boxwood bushes also take up space but can be customized in a configuration that works for you.

What to Expect with Artificial Boxwood Topiaries

The leaves on an artificial boxwood topiary are small and shiny, slightly leathery to the touch identical to the real thing.

When you purchase a boxwood topiary from a premium brand, such as ArtiPlanto, rest assured that what you’re receiving is hand-designed, manufactured with the highest quality materials, and crafted by hand, double-checked for quality and realism.

The actual material of a fake boxwood topiary is very flexible. The branches or leaves can be bent, curved, and twisted, allowing a person to mold and shape a boxwood topiary to ensure everything is in its right place.

How to use boxwood topiaries vary. You may find them to be purely decorative and a way to attract attention to otherwise boring spaces. Positioning a faux boxwood topiary in an empty corner, for example, is a fine way to elevate a patio or deck.

Most often, fake boxwood topiaries are used for privacy. The thick foliage is perfect for this. Alternatively, artificial boxwood topiary plants can be mixed in with real plants in a wider landscaped garden or green space. There are no limits to what you can do with plants like this.

Conceive your next landscaping creation with a boxwood topiary plant. Integrate faux and real, reminding yourself of how easy it can be to have landscaping with zero maintenance. Search out the most dynamic artificial boxwood topiary plants for your landscaping at ArtiPlanto today.

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